Yard Crashers…in progress


With the warm weather and sunny days lately, my husband and I have been on a DIY frenzy. Specifically with our backyard (front yard is next!)

I’m not gonna lie to you, with our last backyard, I seriously tried to apply to Yard Crashers! The yard was HORRIBLE when we moved in. But by the time we moved out 3 years later, my husband had turned it into our own little paradise. 

So with that, I completely trust him with our current yard!

Here are the details about our new/current backyard: Its about a quarter of the size as the last house (which is a plus and minus. We have a lot less to deal with, but it also seems kind of boring—just a flat piece of grass and no trees.) Our new backyard also doesn’t have  a whole lot of privacy. The houses are a lot closer together and since the neighborhood is new, the trees are small and growing.  

So in order to add a little charm and privacy to the yard, we decided to build a privacy screen! I did some searching online first for inspiration, and we came up with a simple DIY to get the job done!

empty yardMy husband used large mailbox post anchors (so we didn’t have to dig holes and use cement) that he hammered into the ground, then stuck 4x4s into them. On the right side he put a decorative barrel around the bottom of the post to add a prettier touch. (We will add some plants along the house later and cover the other post eventually.) Then we simply nailed 1x4s across the 4X4s. We did the same thing along the back to cover up the gaps. 

Then we added a hanging basket and some planters to “pretty up” the wooden screen some more. (I LOVE IT!!) We will stain it in a few weeks (because it is pressure treated wood) and the project will be officially done! 

privacy screen


Now we have some extra privacy for our small, flat and treeless yard!


We also bought new patio furniture from Costco for our backyard space. I hunted Craigslist and other sites for WEEKS but couldn’t find anything— so we settled for something new. We are really happy with how it all came together. 

My husband quickly built a little side table with some leftover 2x4s and 1x4s and I painted it with leftover red paint from the front door.furniture

Then we added LIGHTS (from Costco as well!) and I love how they look at night! We also stuck some tiki torches in our planters to help with the bugs and installed an outdoor fan too! It’s been fun to sit outside at night with a drink and watch the playoffs on our iPad or chat about the day.  

The screens that are up are called Coolaroo Roller Shades. You can find them at Lowe’s and Amazon!


One of my pups wanted to be in the photo!


Eventually we will add some trees and more plants around the fence, but for now we can enjoy our new quiet little paradise!



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