Wine and Candle Girl

wineandcandlesI didn’t have a chance to squeeze in a post about my March favorites, so I thought today I would share just one small favorite thing of mine. 

As the years go on I am loving wine more and more, and I have always had a small obsession with fancy (good smelling) candles.

So let me introduce you to a brilliant combination of both wine & candle—Rewined Candles.


Hands-down, this is my FAVORITE candle. It’s a recycled wine bottle (score for recycling!) that uses natural soy wax to mimic the flavors and aromas of your favorite wines. Its pretty genius! The story behind these candles is pretty great too. Check out it below:


(Photo Credit- Rewined Candles) 

3 things I love about this- A simple idea that includes recycling, wine and candles! The concept is unique, the candles are beautifully labeled, they burn marvelously and smell AMAZING!


rewined3 (3)

Rewined Candles are handmade in Charleston SC, but their candles are in lots of retail stores and Amazon as well! If you are looking for a gift to give or a little treat for yourself—give these candles a try!

(My favorite is the Pinot Noir!)




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