When You Just Can’t Part With Your Favorite Tee


I finally finished the tee shirt blanket I’ve told my husband I was going to make for the last 5 years! Just needed a little help from my mom! 

I am by no means a seamstress— the last thing I made was a pair of boxer shorts in 8th grade home ec lol! I can basically hem and dart pants and sew on a button. I knew if I had a little guidance though I could make a tee shirt blanket. Thanks to my mom and some youtube videos my creation is complete!! 

I practiced by making a quick minion blanket for Liz’s middle daughter first! Elaina tried it out of course!


I’ve been saving boxes of college tee shirts and my husband has threatened to throw them out but I wouldn’t let him. So I made the commitment to get it done this summer! My mom reminded me how to use a sewing machine and I was off!

I laid out my shirts to get my design (Elaina helped again!)


Then I cut out all my squares using a cutting mat and rotary cutter. I did 14″x14″ squares in order to get the entire logo on all the shirts. I had a mix of sizes because I was using mine and my husband’s shirts. 


I then sewed the tee shirt squares into strips and sewed the strips to each other by pinning right side to right side. 

strips pinning

I ironed on a fusible interfacing to keep the tee shirt material from stretching out. (It might have been easier to iron this on to each square first then sew them all together, but it worked out!)


Then it was time to sew on the back! I used soft milky dot fabric which I had to order from Fabric.com because my blanket was so big they didn’t carry the width at Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby. back

My mom helped hold the blanket because it was so heavy and big! I sewed right side to right side and then flipped it right side out and sewed it shut using a hidden stitch. 

Lastly I sewed a top stitch all around the edge for a more finished look. 


And here it is!! I love it! Now I can really show off my school pride! Go Cats!finalI will probably make another blanket that’s a little smaller because I still have so many shirts! final3

Here are some links that helped me! I did it my own way, but these videos offered guidance!

Now you can do something with all the old tee shirts you can’t part with!!



4 Responses to When You Just Can’t Part With Your Favorite Tee

  1. Dee Davie says:

    I made one for Ian when graduated from Ohio U. It had shifted from elementary thru college. Yours is way nicer. Haha!! Mine would have been nice had I seen your tutorial.

  2. Jennifer says:

    How fun! I wish we had enough T-shirts (that my husband doesn’t STILL WEAR) to do this!

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