When You Blog About a Bath Towel

When life is wild and everyone in your family has had the stomach bug, it is quite easy to feel like you can’t think straight. So seriously, since I’m camped out over here in the “my week was a blur” tent, I’m writing about literally what is right in front of my face. Sadly, that would be the laundry. And with the extra number of loads I’ve done this week, thanks again to our little stomach situation—I have here in front of me a favorite thing—for kids.

I’ve been meaning to share this or talk about this item, but it’s also quite simple and silly for one whole post. Why? Because, it’s a bath towel.MinkyPrintHTGroup-250x150 (1)

But… it is by far, the best bath towel you can have, if you have little ones.

(and I’ll touch on a few other things besides just towels, lol!)

Over the course of having our 3 girls I’ve somehow accumulated way too many baby bath towels though. Like at least, 15-20. This is annoying and obviously super unnecessary. towel12

And currently, I’m also in a season of emptying, clearing out, and getting rid of household items. If you are like me, you have 5x more clothes than you need, a bunch of kitchen utensils that never leave the drawer, and boxes galore in your attic—that just sit there. This drives me bonkers.

So, I’m really trying to minimize what we have and pay attention to what we use/need the most. And basically get rid of everything we don’t. The excess stuff.

These bath towel would be the exception. What we would definitely be holding on to! And thanks to my sister, who bought each one of my girls their own towel (since they were fighting like crazy over the “pink” one), I can donate/get rid of the other 20 baby towels I never use, were always too small, not soft and are taking up too much space in my linen closet.towel11

Swankie Blankie is the name of the company that sells these the fabulous towels—and I love the hooded ones. See here! They are BIG…so you can wrap your infant/ my 1 year-old or cover your 5 year-old completely. They are high quality material—like the kind of towel an adult would want to shower with. They also wash really well and do not fall apart like some of the other towels I’ve had for the kids.

They are pricier than an average baby towel, but the quality of the product and use you will get out of it, makes it worth it in my mind!


towelMy sister found out about the company while looking for a soft baby blanket for my middle daughter’s nursery. She signed up for the email promos and since then has stumbled upon other products (market score) that we love! She always waits for a sale and then makes a good purchase. 

We have 3 hooded towels, a receiving blanket and more recently, my youngest daughter has a security blanket that she is more than obsessed with! It is her favorite thing and would gladly take it with her wherever she goes, haha!towel9

This company has tons of other cozy products too!

If you are looking for a special gift to send someone—something from Swankie Blankie would be perfect! I know, I’d love it! Or if you are someone like me that needs to throw away a bunch of your stuff and really make room for the items that you use most and will last—look into the hooded towels!towel2

I’m guessing we will have these towels for a LONG time and they will hold up well in the process!



(I did not receive compensation of any kind from Swankie Blankie for this post. All opinions are my own.)

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