When Life Hands You Lemons…You Just Survive

Ok y’all! I’m BAAACK! Well kind of! I am slowly trying to crawl out of the rock I’ve been living under for the last few months! I swear, having a baby throws you for a loop! So I guess that’s where I will begin! We welcomed our second daughter, Nora Ann on July 25th!


She was 3 days late, but actually the timing was perfect! My doctor was working in the hospital that day and my mother-in-law had come to stay with us just a couple of days earlier! So when I went into labor we were able to just leave Elaina at our house with her, and focus on Nora’s delivery. I started having contractions at 3am, and around 6am, I told Austin we should head to the hospital. I got my epidural at 9am and was ready to push by 3pm. And Nora entered the world at 3:23pm! I seriously thought she was a boy with how different the pregnancy was, but of course I was wrong! So now we have two daughters and it seriously is so sweet to see Elaina want to love her sister…most of the time haha!

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The following days after Nora was born, life was kind of rough. I had a post-epidural headache (WHICH TOTALLY SUCKS by the way!) that would not go away and you’re basically supposed to just lay flat for your spine to heal (which I wasn’t doing because I am too type-A and can’t sit still). Finally, my husband dosed me with LOADS of caffeine as a last resort before we were going to go back to the doctor for a blood patch and the headache finally went away. In the middle of the whole headache ordeal, we found out my husband was getting deployed…supposedly 1 week later! All I can say is that I flipped a lid.

It just all hit me hard… I was hormonal, I was tired, Elaina wasn’t sleeping and of course neither was the baby, and I was scared for my husband to be shipped off halfway around the world. We kind of knew the deployment was coming. But the crazy part was the timing–the idea of him leaving a week after having our 2nd baby. I know so many of you awesome military mamas who do this deployment thing regularly, but this was our first go around and like I said, I wasn’t in the best mental state after having just given birth!


Well, I’ve seen over and over again in my life how God works everything out, even in the midst of what seems like the end of the world. The military was able to push my husband’s deployment back a couple of weeks. This extra time allowed us to spend more time together as a family of 4 and also to travel back to Ohio, so the girls and I could stay with my parents for a couple months. 

We headed this way so we could have some help during the whole newborn stage especially with a toddler running around. And even though my parents work during the day (and sadly most weekends) I have them here for the evenings! It’s awesome to spend time with family that we don’t really get to see! We are also traveling to Texas in a couple of weeks to spend time with my in-laws until Christmas.



Some days are good and some are bad. I have to be honest, I cry about 90% of those days, and Elaina always asks “Why you sad Mommy?” I simply tell her I miss Daddy. So now every time I cry she thinks it’s because I miss Daddy haha! We are doing our best to keep busy…maybe too busy. We’re going to bible study, Elaina is doing a Child’s Day Out here and I even got her in swim lessons every day of the week! I don’t know what I was thinking, but oh well! We are pushing through and I am really trying not to wish this time away. It’s hard because I want it to go fast and I want my husband back. I seriously miss him like crazy. But I also know I will miss this time with family and the newborn phase…even though Nora is rough (Unfortunately, I think she may be colicky).


I’m trying to get used to this whole 2 kid thing which is harder than I thought and I feel like every spare moment, I’m wiping a butt, cleaning up puke, or sitting next to one of them to get them back to sleep. Like I said, I don’t want to wish it all away, but I’m feeling pretty drained. My prayer is for God to give me the strength I need for one more day…which he always does. I know he is faithful and that doesn’t mean He promises life will be easy, but He always provides. So overall I’m going to try to keep writing when I have a moment to sit, but it will probably not be very much in the next few months. Liz is my lifeline again and she is truly a treasure to me; she’s always encouraging and just there when I need it! So until next time my friends!




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  1. Dee Davie says:

    Your girls are beautiful. I am so sorry it has been such a struggle. Thank you to Austin for his service. The expense is high on the home front. I love you both. I’ll pray for his safety and your sanity!!!

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