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2The other day, Angie and I were together and like we often do, we were talking about our blog and some new post ideas. I had mentioned to her that I wanted to write a certain “how to” post, but I wasn’t sure if I had all of my ducks in a row or if I had actually mastered this certain “how to” perfectly myself to post about it.

Thankfully with her wisdom, Angie reminded me that we should share/write/post about the things we do right some weeks, or plans that have gone wrong other weeks. Basically, we should share that we aren’t perfect—and hopefully that comes across to you all!

So with that, today I’m sharing about my Thursday. No fancy “how to,” DIY (although there is a preview of one below) or jazzy recipe—just me and what’s been up on my Thursday. So here it goes—

Today I woke up before my girls and was able to empty the dishwasher and do a little reading. It was heavenly. Just to have a few early moments to myself.

When my girls got up we all ate breakfast and then were out the door before 9am. That’s an accomplishment for us.

We made it to the gym for the 4th day in a row. Day 1, 2, and 3 have not been the smoothest experience for my 1-year-old though. Unlike, my other 2 girls—Libbey is not particularly the easiest baby around other people. It takes her awhile to get use to people, places and lots of kids. So with that, the gym is not where she shines the brightest. Her shrieking cries and red blotchy face only lasts about 20 minutes in the childcare room. Thankfully though, today was different. Hallelujah. She lasted an hour and I wasn’t called or tapped on the shoulder by a gym employee to come and get her.

While working out, I listened to one of my new favorite things—a podcast. (more on that later!) Who would’ve thought I could’ve listened to a podcast instead of “Yeah” by Usher and make it through a workout?! I surprise myself each day, lol!

After the gym we headed to Lowes to find a few flowers for my new flower pot. As we pulled in the parking lot, Macey asked “why are we here, Mom?” “This store has nothing.” “Only wood.” —Oh the mind of an opinionated preschooler.

We made it home, had some lunch and then started our “summer activity” of the day. Thanks Pinterest.

Sidenote–To keep my 4-year-old (type A, planner, socializer, extrovert) busy and happy we’ve been following a small “summer schedule” with a fun/special activity each day. It helps her to look forward to something and also keeps her from asking me 11,000 times if we can do a craft or go to XYZ.

The schedule idea we follow comes from my mad Pinterest searching and can be found here: Somewhat Simple

So on Thursdays its “Be Thoughtful Thursday.”  And I took the first Thursday idea from the link above. We made “A hug” to send to our grandmas. Watch out Mimi and Nana—they are coming your way.hug

By 12:45pm my 2-year-old was already asking to take a nap (insert laughing & crying tears emoji face.) So I did as she asked, and put her to bed. A few minutes later my 1-year-old was in bed too.

 Macey and I headed outside to plant my new flowers.

Confession— For the past 2 weeks I’ve been on the struggle bus with monstrous poison ivy. I’ve never had it before—my oh my, it’s BAD. So, cautiously we went outside in my jungle of a yard and touched as few things as possible. We watered the plants and potted our new ones.

yardflowersNow, I’m here. Thankfully, I am freshly showered (that doesn’t happen everyday) and all of my girls are still sleeping/quiet (for now.) I’m looking at this new rough sketch of a DIY hand-lettering project for above my bed that Angie swore we could do on our own and not buy for $150. She’s right, but what have I gotten myself into? Remember that one time where I said I would never make/draw/print something and have the guts to hang it in my house? Oops. diy

We are having Chicken Gyros for dinner (the first time I’ve made a weekly menu board before) and tonight I think I’ll sit outside with my citronella candle  and lots of bugs spray to read a novel I checked out from the library. (The first time I’ve checked out a book in years—thanks to lots of podcast recommendations!)chalkboardcandle

I mean, it’s TGIT and Greys and Scandal are over…what else are we supposed to do?

Whats up on your Thursday?!



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