What’s Been Cookin’ Part 3

Round 3 of What’s Cookin’ is here! I’m trying something a little different to help meal plan during this season of life, and I love that as our days change, our meal plans and organizing can and will too. What I’ve been doing lately is actually pretty basic, but efficient and handy.

After trying Prep Dish (see previous post), I really liked the idea of having my meals planned and prepped for the whole week. Last year, that plan worked great, especially since David and I were in different cities. I could basically heat up something healthy and delicious for myself that I had already made ahead, instead of eating macaroni and cheese with my kids every night.

Where we are now, I’ve realized, I just need a PLAN!

I feel so much better when I actually do a meal plan for the week. Is anyone else like that? My life all around seems more organized lol, and a lot healthier too!

So right before Christmas I ordered the Skinnytaste meal planner by Gina Homolka. I had already been trying to plan/write out my meals on a scrap piece of paper, and it just wasn’t doing the job.


This planner is great and can be used as little or as in depth as you wish.  I love it because all my planning is in one place and it has a nice, functional layout. I’m a visual person for sure, so its been nice to see my “week” in a table with other areas for a shopping list and weekly goals.


Like I said you can go an extra step and keep track of your calories or points if you’re a weight watchers person. I’m too scatter-brained and forgetful to really keep track of everything I eat all day, but I can really see the benefit of using it, especially with skinnytaste recipes. Gina, does an awesome job of tracking all the points/calories with her recipes for you! Sample from the meal planner below:


I’ve loved using this for the last month and take it with me when I grocery shop now. (No need to have another list or random piece of paper when everything can be in the planner.)

Another bonus is with everything being in one planner, I can easily go back and see what recipes I haven’t made in a while or ones I’ve really liked and should try again.

If you are trying to get into a groove of meal planning/eating healthy, check out this planner!

Also, a few other tidbits that I thought I would share:

  • Follow skinnytaste on Instagram if you don’t already! Right now, Gina is posting weekly meal plans and adding quick “how to” videos of her recipes. I love watching recipe videos and getting inspired that way! Tonight I’m making the stuffed red peppers, because they looked so good in her Instagram feed. 
  • Another cookbook I am really looking forward to trying is called From Freezer to Table. I listened to the authors of this cookbook on Jamie Ivey’s podcast and their recipes sound right up my alley. If I can make something that freezes well and reheats deliciously, I will definitely try it! The cookbook’s reviews are fabulous on Amazon too—that’s a good sign!51uLhNFqDnL._SX409_BO1,204,203,200_
  • Lastly, I am loving my Instant Pot that I got for Christmas! There are so many easy and delicious recipes I’ve made in such a short amount of time, thanks to the amazing Instant Pot. Sweet potatoes, black bean soup (my kids’ favorite), and quinoa bowls to name a few! If you like cooking in the crock-pot or having dinner ready about 3x faster than normal—try the Instant pot!71bN6MCuICL._SL1500_

Happy meal planning friends!


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