What’s Been Cookin’ Part 2!


So last week Liz mentioned a new strategy she’s been trying to make meal planning easier at her house called PrepDish! Check out that post here if you haven’t already! 

I wanted to try to do better with my meal planning as well because food truly is the way to my husband’s heart, haha! But with my “all-day” morning sickness I had been dealing with, I seriously did not want to look at food, think about food or prep food! Thankfully, I received a coupon in the mail from HelloFresh and thought I would give it a shot! All I had to do was cook what came in the box!

Each week, HelloFresh has a menu of 5 recipes and you select the 3 you want delivered. Everything comes to you in one big box separated by each recipe–it comes pretty much ready to go and it’s actually kind of fun! I chose the Classic box for 2 people which includes 3 meals. They have a veggie box and family box option as well and you also have the ability to change the number of people the box will send food for. 

Fresh1 fresh2 fresh3

HelloFresh has an app that makes choosing your recipes super easy. You can even put in preferences, for example– we don’t really eat pork so I selected “no pork” recipes. This is a subscription-based meal plan, but you can jump ahead and skip weeks as well. I’ve actually skipped my weeks for like the next 3 months just in case I forget! I can go back and change it if I decide I want another box. 


So far the recipes have been great and everything really was FRESH! I like this meal plan because there are so many different recipes that I hadn’t tried before. You also get to keep the recipes that come with your box and have to ability to make them again, on your own. We’ve recreated a few meals that we’ve really liked already! 

Overall, I like the idea of getting meals delivered to my door. They do portion control the meals pretty accurately, so we really haven’t had leftovers. I do think it’s a little expensive at its normal price, but I’m considering the idea of ordering 1 box a month or every other month just to mix it up!


Also, just a side note— I do know they have really great customer care because my sister tried a box and some of the meat had leaked a little. She called HelloFresh and they took care of her right away!

I am probably going to try some other meal delivery companies as well just to compare. Thankfully, I have coupons I get regularly in the mail to try everything out! So if you want a fun option to spice up your dinner routine give HelloFresh a try!



(I did not receive compensation of any kind from HelloFresh for this post. All opinions are my own.)

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  1. Melissa Hardy says:

    Thanks for the review. I got a coupon and was thinking of trying also.

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