What My Mom Doesn’t Know

One thing my husband and I talk about frequently when we are trying to “fix the world’s problems” is how really, the most life-changing, meaningful or successful way to “change” this world is by— investing in people. We sometimes go round and round about how the government is flawed, what horrible things we see on the news, or what “so-and-so” should be doing that they aren’t doing. All these conversations draw us back though. Back to people. The real change is personal in someone’s life. Taking them in. Loving them. Having your life become a part of someone else’s. 

For most of us (who will never become famous, invent something life-changing, or become the next President), the biggest change we will make for the world ultimately will come down to how well we love and care for others. That will be our “change.”

As we celebrate moms (any mom, motherly figure or person who has done a great deal for us in our lives) this weekend- I cant help but share about mine. Not all moms will fix the world’s problems, but they can and do make changes in our lives and hearts each day.Picture 014

So with that, here are some funny and sweet things about my mom. Things she doesn’t know until now— 

10 things my Mom doesn’t know (until now) on Mother’s Day:

  • Her patience is far greater than mine. Until recently, I never knew how patient of a person my mom truly is. She keeps her cool so well. She doesn’t act out of anger. She bites her tongue. She doesn’t always have to get the last word in. She is an example of what patience should look like in a home.
  • She is a giver of second chances. I’ve learned a lot from her about this one. She never assumes the worst about people. She gives others the benefit of the doubt. And when others fall, fail or basically act human, she understands it. And then, she moves on quickly.027
  • Her phone calls are never wasted. They mean so much. Even if our calls are quick or not much is said– she connects. She’s intentional. And when you are across the country from one another, a phone call feels like a good morning hug.17
  • She knows how to take a joke. With 3 nagging and sometimes annoying daughters, she laughs. She lets things roll off her shoulder. She doesn’t let her feelings get hurt or take things too personal. She is level headed. And she’s done a pretty good job of a being a #girlmom. Being a mom of 3 girls is tough stuff. 
  • She is stronger than me (probably not physically, but in every other capacity.) She pushes through the hard days and believes that it will be ok. She is a rock for others when the world seems to be crashing down. She supports her husband, mother, family and colleagues. She doesn’t let life’s storms tear her down–but instead, weathers through them gaining wisdom. 111
  • She is way more fashionable than me. Basically, I want to steal all of the clothes from her closet. If we both got dressed for an event and were judged on our fashion–she would always win. #givemeyourclothesmom
  • She is a fixer. And she gladly comes to my house to build book shelves, hang pictures, plant flowers, and organize toys. She does this without batting an eye. Its in her DNA to fix, spruce and tidy up things. IMG_1949
  • I’m her biggest fan. I will root and cheer her on until I run out of air. 
  • She shares. Her time. Her energy. Her love. Her wisdom. And she doesn’t force her opinions on you. She speaks with gentleness and kindness. Proverbs 31:26
  • She is treasured. Not only is she treasured by me, but also by the people who also live life with her. Her family, students and friends all know that she is more than something special. Proverbs 31:10 Picture 207

So while the world continues to have its problems—we can be thankful for the ones who are the small “change” in our world each day. The ones some of us call “Mom.”

Also, I love this—

Just do small things, with great love. -Mother Theresa





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