What a picture doesn’t say

2015-09-17 17.56.53


I love this picture above. This is my husband and I on vacation this fall. We had a blast! Overall, our week away from work, kids, and daily responsibilities was such a sweet and much needed time.

As much as I love this picture, it is quite deceiving. It looks romantic, dreamy, or even picturesque. Maybe it looks like we are madly in love and dressed up in formal wear every time we kiss.

You know as well as I do that life simply doesn’t look like this.

The truth behind this picture– Exactly 2 minutes before it was taken, I was upset.

Ugh sadly here’s why…

I wanted pictures as a couple together. Pictures of my hair actually done, and makeup really on my face. Pictures where I had indeed taken a shower that day and didn’t have workout clothes on or leftovers of someone’s lunch on my shirt.

Oh and I wanted some recognition or attention for my “dolled up” self from my husband.

In my mind he was lacking in the areas of picture interest and compliment making for the day.

So it spiraled into hurt feelings.

Can anyone relate? I hope I’m not the only mom and wife out there that likes/needs some extra loving when we curl our hair and gloss our lips.

I love seeing pictures of couples together but one question or lingering thought I have is ….whats really going on in their lives? Are they doing well?

Pictures like this one tend to make me compare my inward thoughts and feelings with someone else’ outward or picturesque self. I need to stop doing that. Comparisons are a dangerous trap— for me and my marriage.

A picture shows a lot…but can say very little.

So while I’m sharing the beautiful picture of my husband and I from our vacation, now you know there is definitely more to our story.



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