We Made It

After 8 months, our family moved to Atlanta!

I posted earlier in April if you missed it, that we had listed our Augusta house for sale again. When people often asked about our timeline, I told them I was hoping and praying to move by June 1st.

Well- surprise! It happened way faster than that. We moved May 12th.  Thankfully, within 5 days of listing our house, we had 2 offers! Praise hands all around!!


So with a quickened timeline- we packed pretty swiftly, sent boxes back with David each weekend and purged a bunch of “stuff” or as my husband would say, “sh*t.”

(Side note-We still have  S O  M U C H  stuff—how can that be?!)

It all happened in a whirlwind. The packing and moving part. The whole process took me by surprise, even though realistically, I’d been wanting and expecting this for months.

Our house was sold and officially closed on May 26th–again, before the original timeline in my head! And for the most part, it all happened smoothly. We definitely felt like we sold our house to the right buyers.  


This is what I had been hoping and praying for—and it came to be. I’m beyond thankful! But if I’m honest—can I say, as much as I was happy to move—I was also nervous, sad and a little emotional for it all to actually be happening.

When I think of moving, I skip over the whole “adjusting and transitioning” part. I’m guessing that’s a way for me to avoid the unknown. So for the last few weeks, I’ve occupied my time with filling boxes and then emptying boxes. Super fun, right? And until this past week I hadn’t really paused and processed what was actually going on. (I know that probably sounds crazy.)

I am by no means an experienced mover (only have done it 3 times, 1 of those times was moving for college), so I can’t imagine what it would be like to move yearly or be a lifer in the military. But wow, moving is tough and I credit those who do it, along with their families. It’s hard to walk away from a place that was “home” and people you love so dearly.

The kids are adjusting nicely and we are in an awesome area of Atlanta. Walking distance from restaurants, shops, parks, concerts, etc! Major props to my husband, who did an awesome job picking out a school location and neighborhood friendly area for us. We definitely are having our first experience with “city life”—and it’s a lot of fun.


The past few weeks have been hard, but I think the kids are really molding and figuring out their groove here well. Really, it’s probably just me–adjusting or needing the most time to transition. I love that our family is together again. That my husband isn’t 2 hrs away. That we get to be under the same roof. That my kids get to wake up and go to bed seeing their dad. That life can kind of be normal again.2

But, I’m just slowly getting used to this. And I think that’s ok. If I told you, everything was amazing and I was super positive all day, every day—it would be a lie. So the reality is that it’s an adjustment. In the words of my wise mother (lol), she’s told me a lot lately to “give myself a break.” Moving is hard. Single-momming for the last 8 months HAS NOT been easy (saving a whole post for that one) and figuring out life, balance, routine and a sense of home–takes time.



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  1. Vicki English says:

    You did it! You are awesome and inspiring. Love you (and miss you guys). Thanks for sharing.
    Aunt Vicki

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