We Did Disney!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a post written by a Disney expert. They pay other people the big bucks for that! Lol

About two weeks ago, my parents took us to Disney World.  Spoiler Alert–It was sensational! (that’s why I have to share this with you all!)


The kids had the best time and it really was “magical.” Initially, I was expecting a good trip, but mostly an exhausting or “heavy” parenting experience. I figured the kids would like it, but us as the parents would “pay” for it with lots of energy lost and missed naps to show for it.

Truly, that wasn’t the case. Our kids were at great ages (6 ,4, and 2) to go and enjoy the parks for the whole day.  We had minimal meltdowns and really just crashed at the end of the night, after having a full day. 


Every day since we have been home, I’ve been asked, “can we go back to Disney World tomorrow” or “can we see Cinderella’s house again?” …I love that my kids are still talking about the trip 2 weeks later. It means it was all a success in my mind!

If I could sum up the 5 best things we did and/or learned from the trip it would be this:

  • We spent 4 nights and 3 days at Disney. That was plenty long for us (being first-timers.) My kids loved all of the parks we went to and their excitement was just as high on day 3 as day 1. Had we done more than 3 days at the speed we were going, I think we would’ve started to drag our feet and really get exhausted. I was really happy with the amount of days we decided to go for.3
  • Disney trips should be well orchestrated. We planned the places we wanted to eat, all of the rides, shows, and parades we wanted to see and made a timeline around the FastPass times we had in the parks. If you aren’t familiar, a FastPass is basically a way to skip the lines for rides/shows. It’s pretty awesome, especially for all the popular rides that everyone likes. Each day we had a schedule because of our meals and FastPasses. We also took advantage of the My Disney Experience App. It gave us wait times for everything at the parks! Our days flowed smoothly and almost effortlessly because we had a plan. 5
  • The food at Disney is good and depending on how long you go and where you stay, consider the dining plan! We had one meal (our last dinner) where the adults thought the food wasn’t that great. We quickly realized that until that point all the food had been so good and we hadn’t even recognized how nice everything had been.7
  • Meeting characters should not be missed (if you have young kids like us!) I wasn’t sure how my girls would feel about meeting a strange person in a life-size costume…and I wondered if after seeing one or two of them, they’d be over it. That was not the case. Especially for my 2-year-old. She could’ve seen Minnie Mouse 17 times and it would’ve been as magical as the first.1
  • Get in the Disney spirit. For you and your kids. Rock the ears, wear the shirts and buy the autograph book (that was one mistake we made-oops.) My biggest observation in the parks was that I’ve never seen so many people (mainly adults) rocking Mickey leggings, backpacks, fanny-packs and shirts and thought how normal and cool they all looked, lol! It truly is its own world! 

Here’s one of my favorite videos from the trip. My middle daughter, Kinsey shouting “Disney World!!” while watching the fireworks from the parking lot. (For years she has disliked fireworks—until Disney haha!) 


“Disney World” from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

Also, side note: we planned our trip pretty quickly (only about 4 months in advance) and used Be Our Guest Travel Company to help us. Christy was great and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for Disney travel help!

Hoping your family has a magical experience soon!



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  1. Ariel says:

    So glad you had a good time! We loved Disney and I would agree with your conclusions! I loved all of the planning and scheduling I did that was so worth it in the end (shocking, right Liz?!)!

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