Valentine’s Day Traditions

In honor of Valentine’s day being one week away, I thought I’d go back to last year’s post about what we do as a family to celebrate “love day.”

Just to update–our 2017 traditions are underway and this year has been especially fun to read through the hearts that I post on my girls’ doors each morning!

My oldest daughter is well aware of this  “heart” routine and anticipates her little piece of adoration each day. While my almost 2-year-old, giggles and points to things that I mention on her hearts while we read them– like her “cute ponytail” or “beautiful smile.” It’s a fun tradition!

This morning I even had the thought that if I were clever enough I could’ve saved the hearts I made from the previous years and made a little “love book” for each of my girls over the years! Still think I have time to start that?! 

Anyways, if you didn’t catch my post from last year, below are a few fun things we do each year to love on our girls for Valentine’s Day…

I try to hide it but, I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day—and its just around the corner. I’m not necessarily into all the “Hallmark holidays,” but Valentine’s day is fun for me… especially now that I have little ones.

Having 3 girls, and knowing what their future Valentine’s Days could potentially turn in to is kinda scary. Heart break, hurt, loneliness, or even the opposite– excitement, romance, and love… all future outcomes are quite terrifying actually!

So with the tenderness of their hearts in mind,  I have always had a dream or goal of making their Valentine’s Day feel special–every year. 

For now, at their young age, our Valentine’s Day traditions will look different than in few years or even when my girls are 18 and on their way to college.

With the help of Pinterest, here’s what we have been doing! (you may recognize some of these ideas if you are a Pinterest lover like me!)

Heart-shaped cake-

We love this cake and its so easy! With 2 circular baking pans and some pink frosting you have your own Valentine’s Cake. The cake is definitely not professional looking, but the kids love it each year!

IMG_5211 IMG_7145IMG_7158IMG_5213valentines day

(Our latest, 2016 Heart-cake picture)

A HEART a day-

I copied this idea from Decorating by Day and I absolutely love it! The past 2 years I have had my kids help cut out construction paper hearts as an activity. Then each morning a heart with something we love about our girls is on their bedroom doors. My oldest daughter understands this the best– she wants to read her “heart” first thing each morning…then she’s usually talking about her “heart” all day. This a great and personal way to individually show your kids love. 

boss-fight-stock-images-photos-free-photography-heart-cutout-960x6366360b0c5ac9269eb40aa8fa975ba798eCupid Floats-

On Valentine’s Day we do this also in the spirit of love and feeling special. I found this idea on Somewhat Simple. My kids love treats and this drink or dessert takes little to no time at all.

715f15e52f9370ef16958496f5d46022 - Copy
We have a good time with Valentine’s Day at this house. And I’m hoping and praying my girls will always understand our love for them–regardless of the day.




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