“Twinning” in your 30’s

With a rough past few weeks for the both of us, we decided to do a post that is fun and a little light-hearted. Yesterday we got together for a “photo shoot” because we needed some good laughs. Below is a post we wrote together about what happens when you live a mile away from one of your best friends and like the same type of clothes…

Spoiler alert–you end up with the same wardrobe! And a lot of times, you show up at the same place wearing the same thing. (insert, embarrassed monkey covering his eyes) 

Liz: While we were both in Ohio is summer, I was determined to find this soft tee with the fancy script–“four one nine” (419) on the front. This is the area code for our hometown and I just love how the shirt looks and feels. I searched high and low for the right sizes at a few shops and then Angie happened to stumble upon them at a random shop. We both got the tee because we love the design and obviously our hometown! Check out JupmodeIts a clothing company based in Toledo, Ohio where the company’s goal “has always been to create and foster a pride in the city of Toledo by remembering its past and highlighting the new wave of excitement happening today.”



Angie: I came across these Home State tees last year on Instagram before Christmas and had to get them for Liz & I! (I also ordered some for my sisters and another friend for Christmas.) They’re super soft and come in lots of color options and of course all the states! Liz and I are both wearing mediums. We like them to be a little bigger for when we wear the shirt with leggings!


Angie: I wrote a post here about my friend Jeanelle and her online shop, The Well Clothing Boutique a couple of months ago. We used her promo code at the time to get these tops and love them! Jeanelle always has rotating styles on her site so make sure you keep checking back for all her adorable picks!


Angie: When I was in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago for our embryo transfer, I visited my friend Jeanelle and was able to see her clothing boutique in person. It was so fun to watch her in action! She has custom “It Is Well” tees that were too perfect, so I had to grab one for Liz & I! Just for sizing ideas– Liz and I both got mediums. Liz is 5’9″ and I’m 5’2″ but we love the fit!!171614

Liz: One of my favorite boutiques here in Augusta, GA is a place called The Swank Co. They sell trendy, comfy and adorable clothing along with fun decor, prints, candles and shoes. Its one of my favorite shops to follow on Instagram/Facebook and I consider it a treat when I have time to look around in the store. One weekend this summer Ang and I went out together for a few hours and found ourselves loving this same top from The Swank. I went with navy and she went with pink.  191815

Liz: Last but not least, as a joke I found these tops at Forever 21 and had to buy them! The shirts have holes (intentionally) in them and run a little short–but I didn’t care! They were funny and are good pajama shirts if nothing else.

(Side note–Thanks to Angie’s husband Austin for really making us laugh in the following pictures. Nothing like hearing facts about National Geographic photography, while taking blog pictures on the front porch!) 11101312

Angie: It still cracks me up when I’m texting Liz in the mornings just to give her a heads up on what shirt I’m wearing, haha!

Liz: I’ve never owned so many of the same clothes as someone else in such a short amount of time, haha! #friendswhobuythesameclothes 

Angie: Today I walked into Liz’s house to babysit while she ran to a doctors appointment and we were both dressed in leggings and our “It Is Well” tees!

If this post has been picture overload–we are apologize. It was fun to do a little photo shoot, get out of our yoga pants and put on some lipstick. 

Here’s to being matchy-matchy with your BFFs!

Lots of love, 

Angie and Liz 


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Do I spy the chestnut loafers?? This whole post is so cute!

  2. Denise Peiffer says:

    Love it!!!

  3. Melissa Hardy says:

    So Fun, Love seeing your friendship through photos!

  4. Jackie says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute.


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