Try this on a rainy day with your preschooler



This was a hit at my house today!

Last night we made it home after 10 days away for the Thanksgiving holiday. So today was messy and a little chaotic while we readjusted to being home.

Usually being outside is our release or freedom from going crazy inside. But today it was pouring rain! So while I was feeding my 8 month old and entertaining my preschooler, we did something EASY and without ANY PREP to spice up our morning.


  • YOUR MESSY TOYS (all over the floor, if you are anything like us)
  1. With a marker, write down multiple letters. (Easy to sound out)
  2. Ask your preschooler to find toys that start with your letter. (Sound out the letters together and brainstorm the toys that could be placed next to them….EX- “bbbb…ball, banana, baby doll)
  3. Fill up your paper with all the toys and high five your preschooler for staying busy and working on his/her letter sounds!


We had fun and were entertained for a while!

Bonus—I felt like a good mom since we were practicing letter sounds!



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