Tough Stains Gotcha Down?!

This post is for all my laundry lovers out there! That’s probably no one by choice, but all of you because for obvious reasons—we all wear clothes (and hopefully clean them periodically)


I am definitely not a guru in terms of what are the best, safest or cheapest laundry products out there, but I am an expert in washing clothes with LOTS O STAINS. Just this week for example, I’ve seen frosting, mud, food coloring, cherry juice, chalk and the lovely macaroni and cheese orange sauce get on my kids clothing.

What has rocked my world and made it completely better in the laundry arena is the discovery of Fels-Naptha soap.


Believe it or not, this soap has been around forever—it was created in 1893! It comes in a bar form (similar to a bar of body soap) and can be found in the laundry aisle of most grocery stores. I ordered mine off of Amazon and according to my mom, I will never have to buy another bar again, because of how long it lasts.

With a little background help from my mom, who used it first on my kids’ clothing—this soap is basically the simplest version of laundry soap out there. The bar she used on my kids’ clothing was from my grandma—who has had it for more than 20 years!

Fels-Napatha was around way before Shout, or Oxy-Clean and as I watched my mom use the bar soap I was immediately so surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. It works so well! My mom said she had completely forgotten about it over the years and was glad someone mentioned it to her again.


Fels-Napatha does a great job of taking out stains prior to placing them in the washing machine BUT requires more than a squirt of product on the clothing. As my mom says “A little bit of elbow grease is needed, but it saves your clothes.”

I cant tell you the number of times I’ve “given up” on my kids clothes because of the stains I just couldn’t get out.

I’m going to post a demo video of this magic soap, and also post some pictures, but before that: one testimonial I can give you about this bar soap happened when we were in Ohio visiting family and my middle daughter had brand new hot orange shorts on that my mom had just bought her.

As a normal 4-year-old does, my daughter went outside and played with chalk all over the whole driveway and as she was playing- scooted her butt all along the black driveway and chalk designs. The shorts were a mess. They came off that night and I told my mom that we should probably just give up on the new clothing, because this chalky butt had no hopes of getting cleaned. (We have had this happen with chalk and other shorts before.) But as you can bet—that night we used the Fels-Napatha soap on them and within minutes of scrubbing, were able to get the mess off.


I became a “believer” at that point!

Here’s a picture of my 4-yr-old’s shirt after she ate a chocolate cupcake Monday night. Now don’t judge, but I waited to take the stain off until today (Sunday), because I knew I wanted to blog about this soap and needed pics, video, time, energy, etc! So this stain was almost a week old before I got around to washing it–real life, am I right?!? 

Here’s a before pics of the shirt, a video of me taking the stain out and lastly, pics of the shirt after it went through the washer and dryer this afternoon! Check it out! 



Fels-Napatha Laundry Stain Remover Magic from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

shirtaftershirtafter2Give this soap a try if you find yourself unhappy with your current stain remover. The cost is low and as I said before, it will last you forever.

Hope this makes your laundry experience that much more exciting and adventurous, haha!



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  1. Sarah Hall says:

    That soap is AMAZING!!! Also sidenote it really helps with poison ivy

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