Each year, Christmas becomes a little bit clearer to me. 

It means more. It changes and deepens my faith. And the same words of the same story I’ve heard all my life, strike a different chord and tug my heart in a new way…all for the first time.

Family is near. Love is given freely. And for many, there is a sense of anticipation and renewal in this special day.   hintergrund-674105_1920

In general, I am a big rule follower. So its really easy for me to “assume” Christmas should be done a “certain” way. But thankfully, I’m learning that Christmas means the same thing whether I’m out and dressed to the nines or if I’m in my sweatpants at home. (Surprise–I’m in my sweatpants at home) Christmas is the same whether there are 10 presents or 1 present under the tree. Whether I’ve had a wonderful year to look back on or a really tough year I wish to forget….Christmas means the same, and it always will.

God coming to the world, to meet us personally–which he does, and is still doing today…that is Christmas, and no one can change it. 

I hope I don’t get swept up in the chaos of Christmas (because it happens so easily for me.)

Instead, I hope my heart rests in the goodness of God’s gift.

God says we are precious, honored in his sight and that he loves us. (Isaiah 43:4)

We are precious. We are honored. We are loved.

What could be better? 

I’m hoping and praying for our hearts this Christmas. The hearts that need to be stitched back together by the One who can do the proper mending. The One who came to meet us personally and calls us

Have a wonderful Christmas,


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  1. Dee davie says:

    dear Liz,
    Love your new blog. This was a particularly touching entry. God bless you!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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