The Power of a Testimony


Happy Friday! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend–I’m heading home to see family and am already thankful for the next few days ahead.  

Today, I’m sharing a powerful video I used to show my high school students. The video is really for anyone, but high school is especially a difficult time for so many kids.

I was lucky enough to teach at a Christian school where I could freely share and talk about God’s love. Teaching in public school for a few years, I wasn’t able to talk about my faith as openly…but I still tried to share God’s love through my work.

This video is a testimony–a personal story of God’s work in someone’s life. It’s Lacey Sturm’s story—former lead singer of the band Flyleaf.

You can’t miss her testimony though. Lacey’s explanation of God’s LOVE is just so raw and real. 

I love how God works through so many different people and avenues to bring His LOVE to the world. 

Lacey Sturm’s Story

This is one of her songs I love too—

Lacey Sturm-Mercy Tree



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