the little low-down on solid foods

Do you think your babe is ready to eat more than puréed green beans and bananas?

Are cheerios and puffs just ending up on your floor when you offer them to your little one?

What’s the best “solid food” to try for your little newbie?

Hands down, the best introductory food to try is Baby Mum Mums.


  1. They are easy to hold! (bigger than a cheerio or puff)
  2. They disintegrate really well. (no need to worry about chocking)
  3. They taste similar to the food you’ve already been feeding your baby. (rice cereal, fruit, veggie flavors)



As a mom of 3, this food has been the best introductory solid I’ve found. I always buy the banana flavor and it is a hit. My 8 month old thinks its fun and different to have at the highchair and she really likes the taste too!

If your little one is struggling to try the food you are giving them or isn’t getting the hang of the small solids like cheerios and puffs….give this food a whirl!




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