Taking the Leap…to Obey

A couple years ago, The Lord called my husband and me to foster care. My answer went a little something like this: “No, thanks. I like my one kid, he’s so easy! And, I don’t know a single person who does foster care; I literally know nothing about it. So, that’s a neat idea, God, but we’re going to pass.”claireandkevin

A year later, we added another addition to our family, a sweet baby girl. She was 3 months old when the Lord called my husband and me again to foster care.

Again, my answer was: “Are you serious? I just had a BABY, You know that right?”

“This is crazy. And everyone will think we’re crazy. Oh, and I still don’t know anything about it or anyone who does it.”

Obedience. I know, I know, nobody wants to talk about obedience. It’s not a super-fun topic. And I think for Christians, we don’t want to talk about it because we feel like we’re failing.  So we end up just talking about our disobedience.

A while back, I read a verse that changed my life.

Granted I had actually read this about 100 times. But has the Lord ever revealed something new and deep to you that you’ve never seen before? That’s what happened to me with John 8:31-32:

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  (NIV, emphasis mine).

Did you catch that? Jesus said, if you obey, then you will know the truth and you will be set free!

This was a huge paradigm shift for me.

I lived my life thinking I needed to know all the answers before I was confident I could obey. If God was calling me to do something, I’m pretty sure I would only obey if I heard Him screaming it in my ear or if I saw it written in the sky. Or (let’s be honest) if I wanted to.

But that’s not what Jesus said. He said that obeying takes faith.

We don’t need to know anything before we obey. Actually the opposite is true: we won’t know the truth until we do! Wow. Is this freeing for anyone else?! And when I say “freeing” I should also add really scary. Personally, I’m not a fan of jumping into something that I have little-to-no knowledge about.


A friend of mine once said “We’re not forced to go where God calls us, He leaves it up to us. Sometimes there are consequences for not heeding His call, but mostly we’ll just miss out on His blessings!”

She’s not talking about sin necessarily (there are always consequences for not obeying God in sinful ways). But she was talking about where we live, or what job we take, or how many kids we have. What an encouragement that there will be blessings everywhere we go, but there might be greater ones if we follow God’s call for us.

So what seems like a scary leap of faith of obedience is actually jumping into blessings upon blessings.

Our family is learning this lesson deeply right now.

So with the call to foster care, somewhat grudgingly, we started taking the classes to get licensed. We were thinking that maybe we could start the process of having other children in our home when our daughter turned 1…Because that’s at least a little more logical.

Well, long story short, months before my daughter turned one, we welcomed another sweet girl into our home. Somewhere along the line, God moved in both my husband’s and my heart to say yes before we felt ready. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Actually, it’s still scary. But here’s the thing: I feel so free!


I’ve never been so confident in what we’re doing.


I know, without a doubt, that this is the will of God for us (because it definitely wasn’t our plan) and therefore, I know that no matter how hard it is I’m not making a mistake. I don’t have those “what did I get myself into?!” moments. I don’t second-guess loving on our sweet new addition. I am walking freely in the obedience of the Lord.

This was His idea, His plan for our family, His call on our life, so it is so easy to give my struggles to Him.

We could’ve waited until our daughter turned one, but we would’ve missed out on the little girl who lives with us now. We wouldn’t get the grace of hearing her giggle, seeing our son take her in as another sister, and giving her so many of her “firsts.” Those blessings are worth all of our sacrifices.fostercare3

Almost always, God calls His people to do things that look crazy to the world.

And that’s scary, no matter how big or small. For us it was foster care, for a dear friend of mine it was moving her family across the country while very pregnant, and for another it was going on an 11-month mission trip around the world.


So what is it for you?

Is it sharing the gospel with a neighbor? Saying no to another commitment? Accepting a new job?

Take the leap. I promise it’s so worth it. Actually Jesus promises it…and His promises never fail.

“To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us…” Eph. 3:20



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