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Give Me Sleep NOW!!!!

I just wanted to share a resource with you all that can be a LIFESAVER for you as it was me! Since my daughter was born we’ve tried to use the Babywise scheduling techniques and wanted her on a schedule. As a side note, I know every parent wants what is best for his or her child and the method you choose is yours and no one should judge. For us, we wanted our daughter sleeping in her own crib and through the … Continue Reading »

Sound Sleep: Tools to Help EVERYONE sleep!

So as the summer months approach it seems to be sunnier and brighter outside which I love! However, the sun and bright light is not so great for naps. Blackout curtains are great, but they seem to be limited in style.  Enter…BLACKOUT CURTAIN liners! You can turn any curtains into blackout curtains with these things! I found them at Home Depot and we have a set in both our bedroom for my husband’s shift work, and of course our daughter’s room for her … Continue Reading »