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Time For An Update

Where did the last 4 weeks go?  I feel like I blinked and it should be March still instead of April 11th. Sorry for our lack of posts lately. Life has been great, but really full! Full of times with family and friends and also full of cleaning, clearing and preparing. To sell our house—again. If you were following along with the blog in the fall then you know that I wrote a post about our family moving. Check it out here if you … Continue Reading »

Tips for Selling Your House Quickly!

This past year, in 2 separate states across the country, Liz and I both sold our first houses! With the help of one another and watching tons of HGTV, I felt like I knew the house selling process pretty well. My husband and I put our house up for sale on a Friday night and had 3 showings and 2 offers by the following Wednesday. (THAT’S LESS THAN A WEEK people!) So here’s a quick list of some things that really helped us … Continue Reading »