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4 easy ways to mix up the day with your kids

As a teacher and now stay at home mom, I’ve learned that mixing up even the smallest things in your daily routine, make a huge and positive difference…especially when activities start to feel boring or when you feel in a rut. These ideas below require little to no prep and can change the tone of the morning or afternoon for your little ones.   1. Eat a snack on a fun napkin–This seems silly because it is so simple, but its magical for my daughter. Spicing … Continue Reading »

3 Chalk Activities To Do Today

Its warm here for a December day in Georgia–like almost 80 degrees! But I also know back home in Ohio, friends and family are having some unseasonably warm weather this weekend too! (60 degrees—which definitely beats -20!)  We did this after lunch today–for like 30 minutes (that’s pretty good for the attention spans in our house!) …and everyone was entertained! (including the baby giggling at her sisters from the wagon)  Using chalk, draw shapes to make one big circle. (alternatives to shapes could be … Continue Reading »

Try this on a rainy day with your preschooler

  This was a hit at my house today! Last night we made it home after 10 days away for the Thanksgiving holiday. So today was messy and a little chaotic while we readjusted to being home. Usually being outside is our release or freedom from going crazy inside. But today it was pouring rain! So while I was feeding my 8 month old and entertaining my preschooler, we did something EASY and without ANY PREP to spice up our morning. WHAT YOU … Continue Reading »