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Beautiful Words [that are non-political]

Yikes, this week has been a mess on social media. I’m basically avoiding it to be honest. And as I was contemplating how to make a post or what to even spew about this week, I’ve come to a standstill. It’s hard to imagine talking over top of everything going on. So I won’t speak to that. Instead I’ll lay these words here. Words that are beautiful. Words that let me exhale about our current situation (personally and nationally.) Read below… My blogging … Continue Reading »

“Twinning” in your 30’s

With a rough past few weeks for the both of us, we decided to do a post that is fun and a little light-hearted. Yesterday we got together for a “photo shoot” because we needed some good laughs. Below is a post we wrote together about what happens when you live a mile away from one of your best friends and like the same type of clothes… Spoiler alert–you end up with the same wardrobe! And a lot of times, you show up … Continue Reading »

For Sale

I still don’t know how all the pieces fit together, but it’s time that my words make it officially on the screen. I’ve been wrestling with this—like I should have complete answers for everything—but I’m still unsure. We are moving. Moving from a place that if I can just pause and say— is precious to us. In an almost impossible and dark situation, Augusta GA has become a sweet gift. God first drew us out of our hometown and into a very unknown … Continue Reading »

Round Two

I wrote the following post 2 days ago and a huge part of me wanted to delete it. But it is heavy on my heart to share our journey (all of it) with you.  And there is more at the bottom with updates from today.  Wednesday October 12, 2016 I’ve been MIA for the last 3 weeks and I’m sorry y’all! Our little one was sick and then we took an important trip back to Texas for a week… To try for baby #2! … Continue Reading »

You Only Need a Handful

Here’s something I’ve come to realize lately—you really only need a handful of good friends. As a person who is often a “people pleaser” and one who always seems to care a little too much about what someone thinks—I’m learning that your greatest teammates, encouragers and BFFS only need to be a few. The few who love you when you aren’t your best. Frankly, when you are your worst. Thankfully, most (not all) of my greatest friends have roots or connections to my hometown. … Continue Reading »

Family Date Night

The other day I found a yummy recipe on Pinterest that was titled “Date Night Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese.” Hello—mushrooms, goat cheese, pasta and a date night combined, sounded fabulous. I mentioned the recipe to Angie and we decided to try it together for the weekly dinners we like to have at one of our houses. So, last night was the night we had our “date night” dinner together with this new recipe. It obviously wasn’t a real date night with our … Continue Reading »

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Sorry we’ve been MIA for a few days, but Liz and I had a super fun weekend hanging out with one of our best friends, Katie, who was visiting from Ohio! (Just a side note, you should totally watch Girls Just Want To Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hellen Hunt! Classic 80’s movie!)   We did a lot of shopping, eating, laughing, and watching Grey’s Anatomy…which I am like 8 years behind on!! We even went to a wine tasting festival! … Continue Reading »

Hometown Honey

This blog is one of the many exciting and unexpected things recently in our lives. If you would’ve asked us two years ago if we would be living in Georgia, a mile away from one another, sharing meals and raising our babies together…we both would’ve said “ no way…that’s crazy!” But… we are! Both of us are from the same hometown. We share the same roots. Roots that we love, cherish and miss every day, being away. Our memories are endless. Together, we played … Continue Reading »