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Its the little things, really.

I love this time of year. With back to back holidays approaching, time with family and friends and lots of traditions to be had—it’s an exciting time! With all the preparation and things to look forward to though, I’ve noticed lately a trend about myself. What I’m learning is that I do a really good job of “holding my breath” in a sense. Making it to the next “big event” in life. Anyone else feel like this? Just make it to vacation next … Continue Reading »

7 words that describe our 7 day vacation (with kids)

We were just with our “wild things” aka children on our first week long vacation to Mexico. I know that the last thing most people want to read or hear about in general are all the details about a family vacation. No one wants all that info and no one probably really cares. Am I right?? Soooo, I’m going to keep this super short and sweet.  Here are 7 words that describe our first 7 day vacation WITH OUR KIDS: (dont miss the all caps!)  … Continue Reading »