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For the friend with a broken heart

One huge part of my story and walk in faith over the last 3 years has included huge heartache. If you are like me, its really easy to assume that life should look the way you’ve planned. You have dreams, and do all the “right things” to live a happy, fulfilled life. As one who grew up following the rules, carrying little baggage and having a strong family—I really lived in a sweet bubble. I went to college, found friends, a ministry, and … Continue Reading »

Mom Struggles

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel like you can’t do anything right? That’s how I felt last night and have been feeling for the past couple of weeks actually. Specifically when it comes to PARENTING. Being a mom has been the most challenging job I’ve ever had…that includes teaching and coaching moody and emotional (not all of them!) high school teenagers!  Since I stopped working, measuring myself as a mom is the only kind of real achievement I reach these … Continue Reading »

This Weekend

I am certainly not a theologian or anywhere close to delivering a message on Easter Sunday. I am not qualified and I even hesitated to write anything during this Holy Week. But then I remembered that those thoughts are lies.   What I can do, is talk about my experience. My story. It’s personal, real, and is what God is all about. The traditions, plans, parties, and expectations of this weekend ahead are overwhelming. They can feel stiff. Unrealistic. Untrue. What’s true to … Continue Reading »