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Squeezable Baby Food…Who Knew?!

So this post will probably seem like common sense to you veteran mamas, but as a first time mom, I had no clue!! Thankfully, Liz gets me through most of my new mom dilemmas!  My daughter is not a big eater. We always try to get her to eat more solids– mainly because it helps her sleep better. Full bellies = full night sleep!  Anyways, with Liz’s suggestions I’ve moved her high chair to a different spot, bought some different spoons, and tried … Continue Reading »

the little low-down on solid foods

Do you think your babe is ready to eat more than puréed green beans and bananas? Are cheerios and puffs just ending up on your floor when you offer them to your little one? What’s the best “solid food” to try for your little newbie? Hands down, the best introductory food to try is Baby Mum Mums. They are easy to hold! (bigger than a cheerio or puff) They disintegrate really well. (no need to worry about chocking) They taste similar to the … Continue Reading »