Summer Bucket List

Is anyone doing a summer “bucket list” this year? Or maybe that’s just a fancy way of asking if you have summer goals or a to-do list, ha!

The last few days, I’ve been thinking of a few things that could really help me embrace summer. Now that we have moved and the chaos has finally started to calm down, I’m ready to take a few deep breaths and focus on other things. The ideas I’ve been thinking of are actually super simple. But sometimes it’s the simple things that we miss, skip over or forget to enjoy.

Instead of just adding more things to a checklist that I have going, I’m also thinking of things “not to do” over the summer—taking away plates, instead of adding them, if you know that analogy.

I guess overall I’ve created a “summer bucket list” as a way for me to remember all the special ways my kids and I can enjoy this time of year.

So here it goes…

Go for a walk everyday-  this makes me wake-up a lot faster in the morning if I go outside and start moving before it gets super-hot (9am.) It also helps me get some much needed fresh air, and reflect a little bit about my day ahead.


Take advantage of all the fresh fruits and veggies- I made strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and biscuits last week and it was so so good. We’ve also had some really delicious watermelon, corn on the cob and tomatoes on the vine. I forget how tasty this fresh food is during the summer. Everyday I’m planning on enjoying these types of things.


Try new things on the grill- I’m usually really basic with my grilling and don’t venture past grilled chicken, but the past few days we’ve been grilling our vegetables too and its been delicious. I’m sure there are a TON of grilling options that I could explore this summer. (with the help of my Dad, ha!)

Read everyday- this is actually a yearly goal, but summer is such a great time to read outside and choose a book over a screen. It stays brighter a lot longer at night, so I’ve found myself reading on the back patio, even after we put our kids to bed. 


Be flexible with the kids and our schedule-I’m ready for a break from the school schedule and also ready to kinda take a “chill pill” with my girls. It’s been a busy few months and I have the urge to just give them a little more freedom, now that our house doesn’t have to be spotless 24/7.


Explore Atlanta- this is also another goal I have this year, to try new things—but I know especially during the summer months, there are so many cool farmers markets, festivals and outdoor concerts in this area. I want to take advantage of how close we are to these types of things and not get too stuck into a routine, that we end up missing out on some fun.


Put down the phone at night- this is another yearly goal, but something I’d love to conquer it this summer. Since January, its been my daily goal to be done with social media at 9pm and then to read, watch a show or just do something other than scroll. At the end of the day (literally), I’d love to wind down without my phone.

Rest more- As a mom of 3 little ones, it seems kinda funny to say “resting” is on my to-do list. Like it could actually happen?? But seriously, I’m intentionally looking for ways to simply rest in my thoughts, be content where we are at, and enjoy the moment—instead of worrying about plans, or getting anxious over what we are doing next. I’m looking forward to having a restful mindset.

bossfight-free-stock-photos-sun-sunrise-sunset-trees-forest (1)

Take a family trip- we’ll be headed to Toledo, Ohio to see family in a few days and its something that I’m really looking forward to. My kids love it and its a great time of year to be with family, have a flexible schedule and enjoy the cooler Ohio weather. Intentional time with family in the summer is one of my favorites throughout the year. 

Let change lead to growth- while filling out my goal planner a few weeks ago, there was a box with a prompt that says “in the months ahead, remember…” to respond I wrote, “remember change makes you grow.” Let this new experience, being the “new person,” making new friends, trying new things, going outside my comfort zone—let it grow me this summer.


What’s on your “bucket list” this summer??



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