Squeezable Baby Food…Who Knew?!


So this post will probably seem like common sense to you veteran mamas, but as a first time mom, I had no clue!! Thankfully, Liz gets me through most of my new mom dilemmas! 

My daughter is not a big eater. We always try to get her to eat more solids– mainly because it helps her sleep better. Full bellies = full night sleep! 

Anyways, with Liz’s suggestions I’ve moved her high chair to a different spot, bought some different spoons, and tried SQUEEZABLE BABY FOOD! She loves this stuff! I didn’t even know they had it, but just a different way of presenting food helps her to eat more!

squeezable collage

Liz told me about squeezable baby food before we traveled out of town. They were great in the car and airport–less messy and super convenient. 

I decided to start using them at home too… just to change up meal time and get her to EAT MORE. It seems to help! We don’t use the squeezable food for every meal, but I do whatever I can to get her to eat!

There are all kinds of brands and flavors to try. It says to squeeze them onto a spoon, but we just squeeze them in her mouth. Again—trying new tricks to mix up meal time for our sweet girl!

I even found reusable pouches you can just fill yourself with homemade food! This would be great and cheaper, so I’ll have to get some of those next! 

 Reusable Food Pouch (6 Pack) – Easy to Fill and Clean – Double Zipper Means No Leaking – Perfect for Homemade and Organic Baby Food – Suitable for Babies, Toddlers and Kids of All Ages


So if you need a change with your little one’s eating or want to try these for when you’re on the go— I love them! Hope this helps and any other food suggestions are welcome!



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