Sprinkles Birthday Party

In the Pinterest world that we live in, there should really be a TV show featuring parents that throw crazy first birthday parties for their babies. When I look online for ideas, sometimes my jaw literally drops—how over-the-top, extravagant, expensive but yet so creative and beautiful these parties can be! (It would make a great show!) 

I love birthdays though. And I have had a blast planning the BIG first birthday for all of my girls. My oldest daughter definitely got the long end of the stick with the months of birthday planning—while my youngest daughter probably got a little shorter stick (I planned her party in like 3 days.)


With the balance between “mega-pinterest” and “simple, budget-friendly” we ended up having a “Sprinkles” first birthday party. I loved this particular party “theme” because it was super colorful and sweet for our little girl.

Below was the sprinkle décor we went with! It was easy to create. Balloons. Construction paper. Tissue paper. SPRINKLES—pretty simple. The food was delicious, but basic too. Add, stick, melt, combine SPRINKLES to everything. 










The party was a hit and my sweet one-year-old had as much fun as you can expect a one-year-old to have.


By far, the best part of the day was having FAMILY at the party. It meant the world to me that my parents were in town. It also was the icing on top of the cake that my grandma, aunt and uncle made the drive from North Carolina to celebrate with us.

How sweet the memories will be that my little one had her GG (great grandma) at her 1st birthday party! You can’t beat that!




If you are looking for something special, colorful and pretty low in cost, try a variation of a “Sprinkles” party for your little one. The sky is really the limit with what you can do! But in the busy, crazy, stressful and go go go world we live in –even some small and special touches can be enough to make your little one’s party a hit!



5 Responses to Sprinkles Birthday Party

  1. christine cerveny says:

    Love the sprinkles under the candles!!!
    Very nice party!!!!
    Love it!! (would have never thought of half the things you made)

  2. Greta says:

    I love reading your blogs, Liz. It makes me feel like we’re chatting together at school again! Adorable party for a wonderful family.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Chris! It was easy and fun to do!

  4. Aunt Sue "Zoo" says:

    We loved being there

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