Something Fun Friday

Because it’s the weekend and I’ve been sitting on my hands with this next new idea for a little while…I’m diving in.

(Quick confession—I am a jealous school girl when it comes to other people’s ….handwriting! Weird, I know…)

One of the things I love about Instagram and Pinterest nowadays are the posts and pins with BEAUTIFUL hand lettering! Lots of us find meaningful words and often repost these special sayings on our own accounts. These verse, quotes and thoughts are encouraging and really artistic when you look at them! Some of my favorite posts come from—Naptime Diaries, She Reads Truth and Proverbs31Ministries.


d5c322cf6f83f267f8c76193adecffbcUsually, I wish I could replicate what I see on a print or canvas and then frame it somewhere in my house—but I never have enough courage or skill to actually do it.

Thankfully, my friend Becky, started sharing a hand lettering course adventure and Instagram challenge through her posts. I had no idea stuff like this even existed! I loved her posts so much I decided to look into the e-course she was following—Better Lettering Course

I signed up for the e-course because what the heck! I think Angie is going to do it too!

Its a $20 e-course I can take at my own speed, practice when I want and make it my own “little” hobby in the mix of this crazy house.

Below are my new supplies to get started! 


I’m still watching the e-course videos and haven’t started the 30 day hand lettering challenge yet, but I will be soon! If you follow our blog on Instagram @hometownhoneyblog, I’ll be making daily hand lettering posts soon! Also if you are hashtag searching, checkout #betterletteringcourse. You’ll see other people’s work and cool lettering! 

Thanks for the idea Becky! 

Also, I thought it would be fun to do a little before and after! The verse below is from my journal the other day— before I had signed up for the hand lettering e-course. After the 30 day challenge is over, I plan on redoing this verse with all of my new skills. I’ll post an after picture for a comparison! 


Happy Friday!




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  1. Becky says:

    Yes! You will have so much fun doing letters. It’s very relaxing – and so nice to have a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see your work!

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