Simple & Cheap Kitchen Backsplash DIY

Almost 2 years ago we moved into our new home knowing that we DID NOT want a lot of “projects.” With our first home, we gave it a nice “makeover.” We also have a lot of friends who have bought homes and have redone most of the interior—all which is super fun! But for us, when we were house shopping in Georgia, we were looking for an updated, low maintenance home. Why? 1) my husband is a resident and works/studies super long hours 2) we have 3 small children 3) we don’t have a ton of extra hands/babysitters to help us get those types of jobs done.

So, thankfully, we found a home with very few projects and only a few “eye sores”—one of them being our kitchen backsplash.oldtileoldtile2oldtile3

Now, to this day, if you were to ask my husband, he would say we didn’t need to worry, update or spend money on this project. But as you could guess, I highly disagreed. From the day we moved in, I swore to myself that we would change the backsplash because of how ugly and outdated it was. Thanks to HGTV, lots of us know that kitchens and bathrooms are super important when adding value to your home too.

I brainstormed, pinned, planned and re-planned for months, about how to change the backsplash in the kitchen for a reasonable price. I finally pulled the trigger this week and got my inspiration to paint instead of re-tiling completely.  

Again, thanks to Pinterest, I came across a tile project that looked really similar to the kitchen I have. White cabinets, black counter tops and gray walls. With that similar color scheme, I was curious how this blogger attempted her tile makeover “How to Update a Tired Tile Backsplash” and “Painted Tile Backsplash in My Kitchen –A Year Later” After looking at her work, I instantly had my mind made up—I was going to replicate her work in my kitchen. I followed the same basic steps she laid out in her “how-to”. I also went with the same paint, (Benjamin Moore White Dove) because I was such a fan of how her kitchen turned out.BHG-photo-marked

From everything that I had read, I learned it was important to really clean the tile well before applying primer and paint. I used TSP, a heavy duty cleaner and rubbing alcohol with a rough sponge to prep the tile. Then, I let the tile and grout dry for 2 days before I started the next step–priming.cleaningtilecleaningtile2

My little helper (wink, wink!) 

After the tile and grout were dry, I started priming. I used 2 coats of Bulls-Eye 1,2,3 Primer For All Surfaces. (If advertising is anything–they had a picture of someone painting tile on the front of the can, lol) I waited 3 hrs between priming the 1st and 2nd coat. 


The next day I did the first coat of paint. I used Benjamin Moore Advance High Gloss paint with the White Dove paint color. Directions on each can of paint are different, so I was glad I read that I had to wait 16 hrs between coats. I ended up only needing 2 coats of the high gloss paint to finish the job!


So after months of backsplash misery—I completed the job, lol! The tile paint is simple, neutral and brightens up the kitchen. The ugly blue flowers are gone—and thankfully this “project” wasn’t super messy, expensive or overly time consuming. 

With the cleaner, primer, paint and other supplies I purchased, I was able to update the backsplash for less than $60! I’m hoping this fix to my backsplash “eye sore”, pays off when we go to sell! If anything, I know I will enjoy my kitchen more and it feels more like home!


backsplashIf you are looking for an easy DIY that will update your kitchen, consider tile painting! 



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