Tips for Selling Your House Quickly!


This past year, in 2 separate states across the country, Liz and I both sold our first houses! With the help of one another and watching tons of HGTV, I felt like I knew the house selling process pretty well. My husband and I put our house up for sale on a Friday night and had 3 showings and 2 offers by the following Wednesday. (THAT’S LESS THAN A WEEK people!) So here’s a quick list of some things that really helped us sell quickly and painlessly!



Although I don’t feel like my husband and I are hoarders, we have a lot of stuff or “junk” as he calls it. We rented a small storage locker for the month we were selling our house and basically cleared out our closets, leaving only the necessities. People want to see storage space and if your closets are filled they’ll think the house is too small. I made sure to clear off my kitchen counters as well and left only a few small items.


I didn’t take down every photo in the house, but just minimized so our pictures weren’t staring people in the face as they walked through. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home. I remember looking at houses and liking them, but just having a hard time really loving the house because all I could think of was the other family!


You want your house to feel warm and inviting when buyers walk through. We added some flowers to our porch and a pretty wreath. I lit candles throughout the house to add that homey smell. We set up the patio furniture out back with our bright yellow umbrella, and had fresh flowers in the kitchen. With two dogs, we decided to have the carpets cleaned right before we put the house up as well which made the house smell brand new! I made sure every surface was sparkly clean (something that only lasted for the hour showing!).


This is a hard one because everyone wants to sell their house for top dollar. It’s easy to get emotional especially after putting a lot of love and work into your home. However, you have to look at the true value. We had an idea of what we thought our home was worth, but also had a realtor to help. A lot of times sellers think they can list their house high because they will get a lower offer and play the negotiation game. Price it right the first time and get people in the door!

The day we closed! I really miss this house and our amazing friends in Texas, but can’t imagine life without Liz now!

The day we closed! I really miss this house and our amazing friends in Texas, but can’t imagine life without Liz now!

Our house was really builder basic when we first bought it so we had done a lot of our own upgrades, which helped us sell quickly as well. It’s amazing what you can do to your home on your own with a little imagination (and Pinterest!). I’ll be sharing some of those small upgrades from our new house in future posts.

Don’t get me wrong, selling your house is stressful and getting a call for a showing with only an hours notice makes you want to pull your hair out; especially with 2 dogs and a 2 month old, but we had an awesome neighbor who always let us crash at her house. Showings are not fun and if I had to go through those for months I would have lost my mind! Everyone can sell their house, but what will save your sanity is if you can sell QUICKLY! Hope this helps and happy selling!

P.S. We didn’t actually see the house we bought here in Georgia before closing…Liz picked it out for us! But that’s a story for another time!



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