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cutlery-937806_960_720Lately, I’ve been looking for meals that are quick, easy and HEALTHY. We’ve also been on more of a budget too—so the cheaper the better! One of our big ticket items for spending each month comes from groceries and with a family of 5, its easy to spend hundreds of dollars each month.

So with a little extra work and without sacrificing good tastin, healthy food—here are some of the recipes and resources I’ve been clinging to!

Budget Bytes– Shout out to my friend Stephanie for mentioning this website to me. Every meal I’ve made from this site has been GREAT! Also, each meal has the cost per serving, per ingredient and then total cost for the entire recipe listed. With the help of this site, its been satisfying to keep track of how much we are spending and using per meal throughout the week. The website has some great vegetarian recipes too—which we are trying to eat 1-2 times a week. (Cutting out meat helps the budget plus has its own health, and environmental benefits!) Take some time and browse this site. I think you’ll love it! And here are some of favorites so far–

Spicy Cashew Crunch Stir Fry 


Green Chile Quesadilla (I made these with chicken instead of eggs and had them for dinner instead of breakfast…they were awesome!) 


Zaycon Fresh– Another shout out— this time it goes to my neighbor Laura for this discovery! I’ve never really been into buying bulk meat or a whole cow and for that matter, when I was pregnant I could barely trim a piece of chicken breast without gagging. Thankfully now, I have a gotten over that and have learned to appreciate the cost savings with buying in bulk and also the freshness of buying basically “off the farm.” Between the two of us, Laura and I have shared 40 lbs of boneless chicken breast (1.89 lb) and 40 lbs of 93% lean ground beef (3.99 lb) this spring. You really can’t find those low prices and local quality anywhere else. I’ve been impressed and will keep buying my meat like this in the future! Check out this site—they might have deliveries near you! 


Deep Freezer- With all the bulk meat, it definitely comes in handy and is an investment that we have a deep freezer. We purchased our freezer within the last 6 months and are super happy with it. All of my beef and chicken is individually packed and stored safely in my deep freezer. Each week as I plan out meals, I always set aside a day just for food that comes from the freezer. This helps me save some money when I go to the store, and it also forces me to use what we already have and waste less food that could ultimately be sitting around for too long. We bought our freezer from Costco, but a comparable one in size and price is here on Amazon


So with the help of these resources above and cutting back extremely on EATING OUT we have made some great meals and been more in line with our budget. I know the topics of eating on a budget,  buying bulk meat and efficiently using your deep freezer could all be their own separate posts–but this is just a taste of some changes that have been happening at our house. 

Hope this helps if you find yourself in a similar situation!



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  1. Gloria Jean says:

    Looks beautiful and delicious! I do some prep ahead meals but not that many. I think this is very worthwhile and nice to know you always have a meal on hand!

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