Updated! {Ready, Set, Potty Train}

Ya’ll! I think we did it! I think we have reached the end of an era! The diaper days are behind us (except for nap-time/nighttime)–and it feels like a freedom I can’t explain!

Now that this transition has happened 3 separate times with our girls, I can 100% say that I believe in the potty-training method we used to get the job done. (See my previous post below for the details!!)

With our youngest, Libbey–who if you know her, is fierce, determined and sassy–I was a little nervous walking into the potty training stage. So, I pulled out all the stops to get her excited for our fun, long weekend of “potty adventures.” Doll, undies, candy, stickers for her chart, juice boxes, etc. You name it. I bought it. (I figured, if it kept me from buying diapers in the future–I’d spend the money to make the potty the best and most exciting thing in the world for my daughter.) 



We hit the ground running with minimal accidents after the first day, and thought by far, our hardest child was the easiest to potty train. Then around day 3-4 we had some bumps in the road for a few days. Although super frustrated, we stuck with it and after almost a week with no accidents–I can say I think there is light at the end of the potty training tunnel. 

Just for fun, I have to share this adorable video of our WHOLE family, encouraging and entertaining our daughter while she was potty training. Reading books, watching movies, coloring pictures and doing puzzles was at the top of our Labor Day weekend plans while the potty training was going down, haha!

Potty training-take 3! from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

If you are planning on potty training and looking for a method, check out my post below about potty training our middle daughter. We used the same book and method with all 3 of our girls and I would recommend it to anyone!

Good luck, 



This weekend are are tackling the lovely hurdle of potty training our middle daughter, who is 2 1/2 years old. imgsvr

The time has come…and actually she was probably ready a few months ago, but as much as the whole potty thing is a commitment for our daughter…it is for us too. No more jumping in the car or walking around the zoo without 17,000 potty breaks.

We have carved out time with the long weekend ahead to specifically work on potty training… and with our method, we are going to stick to it!

Our oldest daughter had great success potty training! Over the course of 1 weekend (3 days roughly) she was using the big girl potty completely. I know everyone has different children with different methods, books, ideas, ways, strategies, etc…but the method we used worked well for us and we are looking forward to it working with our 2nd daughter too! Again, fingers crossed!

The book we read to prepare for potty training and where all of our success is due, comes from- Potty Training 1-2-3 by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. 1600_Potty_Training_1_2_3_Cover__53965.1415575851.304.400

(Side note–If you are into parenting books, the Ezzos wrote the Baby Wise books and Growing Kids God’s Way books. Since we are huge fans of their parenting books/strategies we naturally looked to their book on potty training!)

Without sharing the whole book on the blog…

here are my… “TOP 10 TOILET TRAINING TIPS:”

1) Make sure your toddler is developmentally ready to be potty trained. (there are indicators that show signs of readiness in your child–check out the book!)…you don’t want to start too soon. 

2) Set aside a long weekend, with no plans–where potty training is your only focus. 

3) Have all the training equipment–potty seat, undies, doll, snacks and drinks.

4) Prep your toddler by talking to them ahead of time about the upcoming potty training task-get them excited!

5) Get a doll!–to “practice” or “teach” going to the potty. (this is one of the key parts in the method of training)

6) Have treats/rewards for your training toddler–treats for “staying dry” and a bigger treat for going potty. 

7) Set a timer–on your phone or microwave to be consistent with checking for dryness and trying on the potty.

8) Position the potty in the right location–in the kitchen or close to the living room so that your toddler doesn’t have far to go and doesn’t feel excluded from everyone else. 

9) Keep the drinks coming–hydrating and the urge “to go” helps them the master the process of using the potty quicker. 

10) Put the undies on and keep them on–excluding naps and bedtime, be consistent about using undies and potty training. Don’t confuse your toddler by having them in underwear one day and then a diaper the next. 

I highly recommend this short and simple book on successful potty training, and for accomplishing it in a matter of days! 




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