Post Holiday Blues


So the holidays are over and it’s a new year! I don’t know about you, but I always seem to go into a little post holiday slump. I’m not sure if it’s the let down of all the excitement and activities or family heading back home, but I’m telling you it’s ROUGH.

We had a sick little babe all through Christmas and New Years. She’s been sick before, but this was the first big sickness we’ve had. I felt like I was taking care of a newborn again, up every 2 hours to suction her nose or give her some medication.

Watching your little one suffer is one of the hardest things. Liz and I talked about how much admiration we have for the parents who have children going through chronic illnesses. It breaks our hearts and we are amazed by their strength. I learned a lot from this past week and a half.


First of all, I need to be ready for all my Christmas expectations to be thrown out the window. With a sick babe, presents and fun took the back burner and she was my first priority.

Second, having family around to help is amazing. Having my mom, dad, and sister in town was a lifesaver. Of course my husband was a MAJOR help too!

Third, friends are the best, seriously. Just having Liz around for advice and help calmed me so much. She’s been through three kiddos so she’s pretty much the baby guru. She gave me lots of little tips that just made life easier.

Most importantly, I realized I need to be prepared for my emotional rollercoaster around the holidays. I need to take care of myself and have all the “tools” ready to go. A sick little one is draining and I’m learning more about being a parent everyday. But I also have to take care of myself so I can take care of her. I’m still struggling and working on bouncing back. There’s a season for everything.


Liz sent me this encouraging quote from her Bible Study Fellowship that I wanted to share. It was really reassuring for me and hopefully for you too:

The peace this world offers is not real, lasting peace. Jesus died to give you the unshakeable peace of reconciliation with God and even the removal of anxiety because of your intimacy with Him. The world around you can bring disruption of your career, income and even your relationships, but no one and nothing can separate you from your Savior. He controls everything now and ultimately will rule visibly in the world. Jesus himself is our peace. (BSF International, Revelation Lesson 12, emphasis mine)

Hoping your new year is full blessings and just know, it’s ok if you’re going through a rough patch. But find help. Find family and friends or someone to reach out to.

You’re not alone and the Great Creator of the universe loves you more than you know!

Much Love, Angie


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