Our Little Getaway to Platform 9 3/4


My husband and I just got back from a long weekend getaway! It was our first trip together since our honeymoon 8 years ago—partially because I have anxiety about traveling and also because we had our daughter a year ago. IMG_4331 IMG_4334Anyways, we are super nerdy and have been DYING to go to Harry Potter World! So we took advantage of all the great military discounts and decided to go to Universal Studios in Orlando!

We had SO much fun! Just hanging out, sleeping in, and not worrying about schedules or work. 



We took our time at the parks, ate LOTS of junk food and drank GALLONS of Butterbeer (It tastes like butterscotch soda!)


We caught the new Captain America movie and even spent 2 hours in an arcade (my husband learned that I am an avid skee ball player…I love when we learn new things about each other even after all these years). We scored big when my husband hit the 20,000 ticket jackpot on a game and we took home lots of fun prizes haha! While we were there we also bought two wands from Olivanders, ah! 


We definitely spent the most time in the two Harry Potter worlds, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, and loved every minute of it! To give you a little more background about our Harry Potter love– we both started reading the books when they first came out (we were in middle school), have dressed up for Halloween as Harry Potter characters together and as a family tradition, we try to watch all the movies each Christmas! 

Also, to get us excited for the trip and because we drove the 6.5 hours there and back, we tried audio books for the first time! I know they have been around forever, but we had never really used them before. And of course it was only fitting that we listen to the The Sourcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets—the first 2 books in the Harry Potter series! Just like Liz is loving her podcasts, we are loving books on audio!


And lastly, in honor of our love for Harry Potter, here is a before and after of my little front door make-over I did the other week. I finished the project before we left for vacation–but love it so much more now that we have been to Platform 9 3/4, lol!

The make-over was just some paint (Sherwin Williams Heartthrob color matched at Home Depot with Behr paint), a kick plate, a new wreath, plants, and an easy decal I got off Etsy! Thank goodness our address ends in 9 haha!


We are definitely going to try to do a little getaway together as a couple each year from now on and I would highly recommend it to everyone else!



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