Since Liz and I both have young kids, we love hearing about new children’s books! 

One new book that is really special to us is OUCHIWAHWAH!


It’s a book “for all sorts of boo boos” and is meant to help kids with the hurts in life–whether physical or of the heart.


The book is written by one of our best friend’s mom, Janet Foster Colville. We love this lady so much! (She was basically like a mom to us throughout middle school and high school and their house was pretty much our second home.) Jan originally wrote OUCHIWAHWAH! many years ago, when her youngest son was around 2 years old. She has always dreamed of being a children’s author–and its so beautiful to see her dream coming true!

Jan is an amazing woman with the sweetest soul and biggest heart! A portion of the book’s proceeds are being given to a special charity that she is currently in contact with. 

Also, this book is super adorable and really catchy for kids. Liz’s kids have already started “reading” along! Check out Liz’s middle daughter reading the book to her dad and little sister in the video below! 

You can purchase OUCHIWAHWAH! from Jan’s website: Jan Foster Colville’s Covers For Causes (www.jfcolville.com).  

We can’t wait for her next book too, The Wooden Spoon, coming this Spring!

Kinsey “reading” OUCHIWAHWAH from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.



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  1. Katie Groves says:

    I am so lucky to have friends, really sisters, like you both of you. Thank you for sharing her story. It means so much to me, and to her! xo

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