Online Grocery Shopping for the Win


I finally tried online grocery shopping and it is AMAZING! Y’all this is a total game changer! I LOATHE going to the grocery store…something I inherited from my mom haha! 

I used Kroger ClickList, but I know Sam’s, Walmart, and a ton of other grocery stores are doing this too!

The steps to use Clicklist are pretty simple. I made an account through my Kroger app (or you can go to their website). Then, I entered my Kroger Plus number into the app. Entering my card number was awesome because over time the app basically has saved everything I buy! So for the clicklist, it’s within the Kroger App and I just looked and added things to my cart that I normally buy. 


When you add an item you can choose to select “Allow Substitution” in case they don’t have the item you are looking for in the store. I didn’t do this for everything, but after I talked to the ClickList staff they said it’s really beneficial. If they don’t have your requested item, the Clicklist staff will find you another brand– and if that brand is more expensive they will match the cheaper price so win-win! 

I also like how you can give special instructions on certain items. For example, if you like your bananas a certain way just jot it into the clicklist (see my request below.) Or if you like your deli turkey thin—specify it! 


When it’s time to “check out”, you select date and time you want to pick up your groceries. You do have to submit your order at least the day before picking it up, but you can modify your order up until midnight before. 

When I pulled in, they had special parking spots for the ClickList pick-up. They have you call a number and shortly after they bring your order out. While I was there, they asked if I had any coupons and came out to get those from me as well. The attendant showed me all of my items she had substituted and made sure they were all ok before I paid. The staff had an iPad with a credit card reader so I could pay easily in my car and then loaded ALL OF MY GROCERIES in for me! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


ClickList is free for the first 3 times you use it then it is $4.95 after that. I will totally pay someone $5 to do my grocery shopping so I don’t have to drag my kid into the store and wander aimlessly down the aisles trying to find what I need!

I swear you should give this a try! It is the best!

I’m not gong to use it all the time, but probably a couple times a month!



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  1. Kayla says:

    I am doing this all the time. I hate grocery shopping and I only go once a month anyways so I will be doing this every time hahah

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