New Years

We are in North Carolina celebrating Christmas & New Years with my parents. Being with family, plus time in the mountains, makes for a perfect retreat from everyday life. 

Together, we all have pushed pause.


We’ve been in our PJs more than clothes. We’ve watched lots of movies, taken long walks, been kayaking and yes we’ve been filling our bellies too. (oh good lord!)


Now the time has come though, right?

New Years Resolutions.

Here’s what I’ve decided–I’m going to do myself a favor this New Year and not load myself with a million pressures about what I’m doing or not doing for my “resolutions.” 

I know myself too well. The pressure or expectations I would put on myself would be unhealthy. The “extra plate” I would add to my other plates would probably lead to a mess…all over me and my family too. The new “me” would be more damaging than good.

I have plans for 2016. I have ideas. I have goals.

But those plans/goals/expectations do not all need to start today–or all come crashing down on me next week. 

Today, I am just going to work on today. Its probably too simple but it is freeing



Cheers to a new year FULL of new days… to start the better version of ourselves!








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