My PBS Obsession


I’ve got to set the record straight with you all— that I have a problem. And it’s an OBSESSION with shows on PBS. I can binge watch these TV series like it’s my job—if only someone would pay me, haha! If you’ve read my Austen Obsession post, then you know I am a fan of period pieces and chivalry.

I used to think PBS and Masterpiece were for old people (sorry Nana!). But oh was I wrong! These shows have awesome story-lines and they don’t bring in all that crap (pardon my French) that you find in the media today.

My trend this summer has basically been to get through these PBS shows by sticking my iPad on the treadmill while I’m running. It definitely helps me workout longer, lol! With summer winding down and a new school year about to begin, maybe you can find a little time to relax and enjoy these shows like I have!

So with lots of excitement, here are all the shows I’ve watched or am watching and I’ve LOVED all of them! I linked them all to Amazon Video (most are on Prime), but some are on the actual PBS website too or checkout Netflix!

Downton Abby: This a super popular series and it’s on Amazon Prime! As my husband likes to describe this show, “A show about nothing, but you can’t pull your eyes away from the screen.” 


Call the Midwife: This is an amazing show that follows the lives of midwives and nuns in the poor town of Poplar, England in the 50s and 60s. Definitely pulls at your emotions! 


Mr. Selfridge: My husband knows Jeremy Piven from Entourage, but I can only picture him as Harry Selfridge! The series is based on the true story of American born Harry Selfridge who founded Selfridges department store in London.


The Crimson Field: This was a quick one season series that I wish they would continue, but it follows a group of nurses in Europe during World War I. 


Poldark: This is MY FAVORITE series so far and they are about to start Season 2!! Ross Poldark is a British soldier who has returned home from the Revolutionary War to bring his deceased father’s mine back into business. The ruggedly handsome Aiden Turner (I refer to him as the “Hot Dwarf” because he was the good-looking one in the Hobbit movies lol!) plays Ross Poldark. In all seriousness he is an amazing actor who really knows how to captivate the audience. You seriously have to check out this series! Make sure it’s the new one because there was a series made in the 70s! 


Home Fires: I’ve only watched 3 episodes of this show, but really love it so far! It follows a group of women and their inspirational lives in a rural English community. 


Doctor Thorne (Honorable Mention): Ok so this is not technically a PBS show, but it was written by Julian Fellowes (writer of Downton) so you know it’s good! It’s an Amazon Prime exclusive mini series. It follows “the life of penniless Mary Thorne, who grows up with her Uncle, Dr. Thorne, and her relationship with the family at nearby Greshamsbury Park estate.”


There you have it! I still have so many more Masterpiece shows to discover! Thank goodness— because I can’t get enough!

Happy PBS Binge Watching!!



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