My Favorite Christmas “Classics”


Since it’s only a few days until Christmas (and I have like no wrapping done) I wanted to share some our favorite movies that we like to watch at this time of year! Its kind of our family tradition to watch these movies around the holidays. I have to warn you—there not very typical! (I do love the classics like White Christmas and Rudolph, but these are a little more fun!)

The Entire Harry Potter Series


So you may know about our Harry Potter obsession and there’s just something about these movies that seem to go with Christmas! We try to watch them ALL, lol!

Four Christmases


This is a super fun comedy that stars one of my favorite actresses, Reese Witherspoon and the hilarious Vince Vaughn!

Just Friends


This movie CRACKS US UP!! I don’t know why, but we just think it is so funny! Lighthearted and happy endings are our kind of thing!

Christmas Vacation


This one is kind of a classic. But we can’t celebrate Christmas without watching this one! So funny!!

Honorable Mentions on account of my husband’s family are below. If you knew them–this would make total sense to you, lol! 

Die Hard






Enjoy these next few days and if you have some down time, turn a fun Christmas movie on!

Hoping you all have a blessed Christmas!



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  1. Jackie Coulter says:

    What about it’s a wonderful Life. It is really a classic and enjoyable.

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