Moving Out & Making a Coffee Table

Hi Everyone! I’m Kayla and I am Angela’s youngest sister!


I’ve obviously known Angela my whole life and since her and Liz have been friends since elementary school I’ve pretty much known Liz my whole life too! I’m so excited and thankful they are letting me be a part of their blog today!

Two years ago, at the ripe old age of 22, I moved out of my parents house for the first time— this was a HUGE step for me!

Once I moved out I quickly realized I had absolutely NOTHING to bring to my new apartment. Luckily, my dear friend and roommate had brought everything for our place and it felt like home. With my next lease, I moved in with another friend and this time we realized, we BOTH had nothing, lol!

Thankfully at the same time I was moving, my other older sister Stephanie was moving too, and gave me some of her belongings. My mom was also a big help because she let me take a lot of stuff she no longer needed. I may or may not have taken some things without her knowing… sorry Mom!

Anyways, Angela always does really cool DIY projects and when I saw her and Austin had built a dining room table last year, it made me realize I could build a few things to help with my lack of furniture.

I also like how building furniture is really budget friendly because as a fairly recent college grad I am still learning how to be an adult and budget money, haha! I checked out the Ana White website that Angela has posted about before and found plans for a COFFEE TABLE!

Rustic X Coffee Table Plans

Working full time in a college athletic department makes my time super limited, but with the help of my boyfriend we finally went to Lowe’s and bought the materials!


The plans told us exactly what to get for the coffee table, and being completely new to this whole building thing, I must say the directions were very easy to follow! They tell you exactly what to do! I am not going to take credit for all of this, because my amazing boyfriend really took the reigns! He did most of the cutting and building which I am so thankful for because I probably would have sawed my finger off, lol!



We had a small hiccup while doing the ‘X’ on the table. For some reason, things didn’t quite match up so we just decided not to put the X on the table, which was fine with me!


After the table was built, I was ready to help sand and stain. It took us some time to get the table level. I used Minwax Wiping Stain in Dark Roast then a Minwax Semi gloss and the project was complete!



I am so excited about the final product! And to top it off— it all cost less than $120!

There were a few details we wished we had known before, and maybe if I tell you it can help you if you are trying this DIY table for yourself:

  1. Look for wood that is not bent or broken. We ran into some issues with chipped and cracked wood that affected some of our cutting. Make sure the wood is not bowed because we really had to sand the top down to make it level!
  2. PH screws are NOT Phillips head screws! We didn’t learn that until we started to build and found out PH screws stand for Pocket Hole screws LOL!
  3. Have patience. I tend to rush things because I like to get things done, but my boyfriend Dan is the complete opposite and likes to take his time. I’m so glad he does because if it weren’t for his patience, we probably would have had more issues. Thanks Dan for showing me that being patient will help in the long run!
  4. Set aside time. Be prepared to plan a couple of days just so you’re not overwhelmed with the whole building process!
  5. Have fun! I had so much fun watching Dan during this process. It really made me realize the passion he has for building. I appreciated his attention to detail too! It was such a fun experience to have with him even though I got frustrated at times. He was able to calm me down and we got the project done!

Thanks again Angela and Liz for letting me show off my new coffee table!



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