Mom Essentials {In Honor of Angie’s Baby #2}

This is totally a mom post! Especially for “moms to be” out there!

In honor of Angie’s due date just around the corner, (eeek—so excited to meet Baby #2!!), we decided to do a little post about the essentials to pack in your hospital bag. We know each delivery, experience and baby is different—but we are hoping to give just a little insight for those momma’s out there or ladies who could be wondering!


Frankly, when I was having my first baby, there wasn’t a good list I could find on the internet, or a really close friend I could ask about how labor, delivery and all the other little details went. So after having my little girl, I typed up an official “what I would do the next time” list for myself when I packed for the hospital—and actually over time, I’ve shared this list with several friends and new momma’s to be (including Angie!)


So, here is a simple (not-over-the-top) list of items I’ve learned to pack after having 3 babies and also some insight from a prego mom and what’s in her bag as she’s ready to pop any day now with her baby #2!

Things that I packed or will pack next time around for the hospital:

  • Comfy clothes, (with easy access for feeding)
  • Comfy socks/slippers (to walk the halls so you can get some fresh air & to keep your feet off the dirty hospital floors-yikes!)
  • Your Toiletries (w/your own shampoo & conditioner if you want)
  • Nursing bra (I would wear it the whole time after baby is born)
  • Nursing pads (less painful in between feeding so your chest doesn’t rub against clothing)
  • Nipple cream (use in between feedings for the first 2 -4 weeks) …they will give you samples at the hospital
  • Pacifier (this is controversial, but I used a pacifier almost after 24 hrs with all my 3 kids)
  • Boppy or other nursing pillow (for support while nursing)
  • Going home outfit for your new baby
  • Car seat
  • Parenting book, ipad, phone chargers

Other things I remember after having 3 kids…

  • Use your nurse! She helped/showed me how to get my first born to latch on for feeding after she delivered! Usually they say you have an hour or so before your baby will start to get sleepy after delivery. (Football position is usually the easiest way to breastfeed at first too)
  • I’ll say it again, use your nurse! The nurses are so helpful even for simple things…changing the first diaper (with umbilical cord) and getting the onesie on/off the first time (seems silly but it’s helpful!)
  • The “materials” they give you to help “heal below” while you are in the hospital, they will also give you extras of to take home…so ask for more before you go!


Now from Angie!

So Liz is right! I totally used her list the first time around! I will be honest and say I personally packed too much though! I had a plan for how the delivery would go and of course that’s not how it turned out! Besides the things Liz mentioned, I had packed 1) an essential oil diffuser with oils, 2) a back massager, and 3) an exercise ball. Let’s just say none of those ever made it to the delivery room because I could barely walk due to pain when we arrived at the hospital haha! Anyways, these extras would be great; maybe if I wasn’t already in active labor so we will see how this little one decides to come. 

Right now, I just have a bag with the things Liz mentioned and another bag with a few baby outfits. I grabbed a little girl outfit from when Elaina was a newborn and a gender neutral outfit in case we have a boy. We’ll be so surprised when we meet our new little one!

A new thing I’m adding to my bag this time are couple of nursing night gowns. I used the hospital robes the first time around and may do the same, but have my own in case I decide otherwise!

With the first delivery, my water broke 2 weeks early (No big gush like the movies, I actually wasn’t sure if it broke until about 12 hours later when I was in so much pain I realized we should probably go to the hospital…oops)! I’m hoping I will know better with this one!


To reiterate what Liz said, use your nurses! I actually couldn’t get Elaina to latch in the first hour and finally a nurse suggested nipple shields which were a HUGE help! Yes we ended up using them for 4 months, but they were a lifesaver, something I would have never known existed if the nurses hadn’t shown me! I also used a pacifier like Liz said and we were fine, but this is totally your call!

I’m already realizing every pregnancy and delivery is different so we will see what this baby wants to do! Either way, I think we’re as ready as we can be and it is sure to be another adventure!


Lots of love & luck to all the momma’s out there!


Liz and Angie 


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  1. Dee Davie says:

    shared with my daughter due with my first grandchild end of Sept. thank you!!

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