May Favorites


·Black bean and corn quesadillas ⋅

AMAZING! 3 things you should know about this recipe—1) Its quick—there aren’t a million steps or lots of ingredients. 2) Its vegetarian—and if you’ve read some of my posts before, we like to eat this type of meal 1-2 times a week. (My husband thought this recipe actually had meat in it when he was eating it—its filling and tasty!) 3) Its cheap. Your most expensive ingredient is probably the $1 can of black beans or $1.50 red pepper from the produce aisle. MAKE THIS RECIPE from Tastes Better From Scratch. You won’t regret it!Black_Bean_Corn_Quesadilla31-683x1024

(Photo Credit–Tastes Better from Scratch


We used this sunscreen, Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70, the majority of the time we were vacationing in Mexico and loved it. Now I know there are a bunch of new studies/articles/Facebook posts about the good, the bad, and the really bad sunscreens out there….but if you find something that is UVA & UVB,  you reapply and basically aren’t a dummy (sorry to all the burnt people) while you are outside, then I say that’s a good sunscreen. We never burned using this sunscreen, but we also reapplied it SEVERAL times throughout the day while we were on vacation. This sunscreen is clear, sprays easily, is good smelling (thank goodness) and is a deal at Costco (score!) You can also find it at Amazon too.



This is what I’ve been telling everyone about lately. I definitely feel like I am about 10 years behind with the whole podcast thing—since I just started listening to them a few weeks ago. But they are a game changer! On my way to a family wedding I listened to podcasts the entire way. It made the drive INCREDIBLY better. I keep telling people that podcasts are way more entertaining than listening to music. And so lately, I’ve found myself listening to them while driving, at the gym, doing dishes or folding laundry. Thanks to a Facebook rec, my favorite podcast is The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.  Its basically lots of good girl talk, life stories, and really encouraging testimonies. Check it out! I also have really enjoyed several other types of podcasts too—parenting, pop culture and comedy, to name a few. Try out the whole podcast thing if you haven’t yet—I think you’ll love it!


·Being outside·

So living in the South, I’ve definitely had to get use to all the bugs. With all the bugs in and out of the house, I’ve also had to become familiar with having/paying for a pest service—our people come and spray the inside and outside of our house for roaches and ants, check for termites and the latest addition to our bug bill is now having a professional mosquito spray. I’m telling you—the monthly fees for bugs are not my favorite thing—but the luxury of being outside without 85 bug bites in one afternoon at our woodsy home has been awesome! (We tried mosquito spray ourselves with the spray that attaches to the hose—we saw little to no change with the bugs sadly.) We’ve been eating dinner outside a lot more and playing for longer periods of time thanks to this wonderful mosquito spray.


·This one·

She decided to pick up her feet and walk this month. Its so fun to watch—and I’ve decided even watching the “first steps”  3 different times now with our daughters—it never gets old. In just a matter of 2 weeks, she walks and now seems like she’s ready to run. SLOW. DOWN. TIME.

First time walking from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

·Guess Who·

This has been our go-to game for a while now with our preschooler. The days of Guess Who have changed from when I played. Now instead of guessing just people, you can choose to guess, foods, animals, vehicles, etc. The game is great for Macey. She asks better questions than I do and usually wins—without me letting her. It’s a fun game that’s fast, doesn’t have a ton of pieces and can be as long or short as you want with your little one! Check it out if you need a new game!

guess whoguess who 2


Lastly, I have to share this recipe! Since we didn’t do anything fancy for the Memorial Day weekend, I told my husband we needed to try these strawberry margaritas for fun. It was the first time I had made a margarita from scratch and it was SO GOOD! We will definitely be making these again and if you are looking for a fun drink for summer—give this one a try from Pretty Plain Janesmarg


(Photo Credit- Pretty Plain Janes

What have you been loving this last month??



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  1. Christine Cerveny says:

    The warm whether & family. especially my mom’s 90th birthday party!!!

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