Love for the Lake

lakecoverWe had a great 4th of July weekend, and like many, we celebrated with some special traditions. 


(Strawberry Poke Cake–delicious!)

My family doesn’t have a long list of traditions—but one thing I’ve LOVED since I was a little girl, was my time at the lake. Especially on the 4th of July.

While growing up, time at the lake was where I learned to love water sports, swim like a fish, build campfires, and be able to invite/hangout with lots of friends! (thanks Mom & Dad for opening your cottage to a bunch of teenage girls, along with their “lovely” boyfriends from time to time!)lake10

(David and I over 10 years ago at the lake #babyfaces)

Hands-down, the lake is one of my favorite places— and when I think of my hometown, I think of this special place as well. Thankfully, one tradition I have watched being “passed on” to my girls since we have been back home, is the love for the lake.lake8lake7

This weekend I watched my 5 year-old almost melt when her grandpa set off fireworks. She was in awe. She also was adorably cute and said, “We are setting off fireworks for Jesus, Mom.” —not going to argue with her on that one or start talking about the Revolutionary War at 10 o’clock at night.

I watched my 3 year beg to get her bathing suit on each day so we could be in the water.

And when we got on the “fast boat” —I listened to my girls belt out a lovely rendition of Firework by Katy Perry and ask to go again and again on the tube. That to me, is a perfect example of tradition.

I, along with many friends could be found, singing and dancing on the speed boat and begging my dad for more rides. How sweet it is to see a small glimpse of that excitement in my own girls.lake12

(2006—When Katie and I were 10 years younger and lived for a crazy tube ride)

While on the tube with Macey this weekend, she squeezed me with a gigantic hug and said “Mom you are the beautifulest.” An unshowered momma, wind-blown and wet being called the most beautiful? Although her statement was sweet, yet far from the truth, what I think she really meant  to say was how happy and excited she was to be on the lake with me. And what more could I ask for? Not much. What a beautiful tradition.lake3

I’m so thankful for the lake and how it has held some of my best memories. As a teenage girl, my mind wouldn’t have been able to understand the love and joy I would find in watching my own babies enjoy the place and things that I love so much.lake9lake6

Traditions are fun. And God is so gracious and good for me to have watched my little loves enjoy it all this weekend!

Hope you all had a fun holiday weekend!



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