Locally Grown


Well if you heard me vent the other week about being a mom, a lot of my physical exhaustion right now can be attributed to a positive thing…We’re expecting baby #2 mid July! 


I’ve wanted to share the news with you all for awhile, since I talked about our failed embryo transfer back in October in a post here. (If you don’t know our story–we had our daughter through IVF and stored the other successful embryos back in Texas where they were all “locally grown” haha.)

After October, we were still in the routine of all the medications and procedures, so my husband and I just decided we would go for another embryo transfer immediately again in November. I flew back out to Texas alone this time and was there for about 24 hours just to have the transfer done. We waited 10 days and instead of taking an at home pregnancy test like last time, I let my husband look up the blood results at the hospital. I wanted to hear the news from him either way!

Well the blood test was positive and I cried and then called Liz and cried to her of course! I had an ultrasound two weeks later at 6 weeks gestation and got to see the little heart beat–still so amazing to me!


And after that, my excitement was overshadowed by awful morning sickness or as I want to call it ALL DAY sickness. I literally turned into a hermit for about 7 weeks laying around my house with puke buckets everywhere! My husband was AMAZING and did everything around the house when he wasn’t at work. 

I had never had morning sickness with my first pregnancy and wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Let’s just say my daughter had to watch A LOT of TV and Liz babysat a lot including letting her sleep over so I could rest! 

I’m happy to report that I am over the sickness for the most part at almost 18 weeks. During all that sickness, I just kept reminding myself how thankful I was to be carrying this baby, but prayed God would help me overcome all the nausea. 


So we’ve been telling our daughter “there is a baby in Mama’s belly” and it’s funny how she always wants to lift my shirt and point at my not-so-cute-yet-bump! 

We’re planning on waiting to find out the gender until this little one makes their appearance into the world! Like with our first baby, we have fun being surprised, so you can all be surprised with us too! 

Anyways, like I’ve said before, I want you to know our fertility journey, the highs and lows, our feelings and all that’s in the middle. I’ll post every so often about the pregnancy.

My heart still knows the ache of longing for children and how hearing these kinds of announcements can bring pain to others. If you are in a state of longing and pain, I’m praying for you and will continue to pray.

I am thankful for the miracle growing inside of me and all that awaits our future!



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  1. Dee Davie says:

    I’m thrilled for you and Austin. We know a mighty God who can part the seas and provide in His perfect timing.

  2. Ariel says:


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