Leftover Easter Candy Idea


Leave it to the 4-year-old in my house to think of the creative crafts and project ideas. 

This morning, my big girl thought of an awesome way to shrink down our Easter candy stockpile. While she probably didn’t realize it, this candy has got to go soon. Why? Because…I’m eating too much of it with it all just laying around. 


Her idea was simple and perfect for me because it required no prep. We had everything we needed! We dumped some candy into a bowl. Found the good ole’ Elmers glue and took some spare computer paper. 

 Her idea was to make a picture of a candy person. (You could obviously make a variety of things–animals, flowers, patterns, shapes, etc.) My girl had a ball with this one. And again, it was HER idea! Even better. 


We traced a picture of the person—and she did the rest of the work using her candy and glue. (She also was allowed to munch on some of the candy while completing the project–her favorite thing.) 



She added a necklace, bracelets, and “short” hair to her person. She also had to make sure I knew it was a girl, but clarifying that she had short hair—just like her Mimi’s hair. (sorry Mom, lol!) 



We had fun with this little craft!

If you are looking for a different activity and a way to use up that leftover candy (without eating it all), try this 4 year old inspired craft. I’ll bet it’s a hit!



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