Hometown Love

ohio-home__78176.1429316327.400.650Hello from Ohio! We are trying something new for the next few weeks over here on the blog. And it all has to do with our hometown. Since the root of this blogging adventure started with our hometown, and also since Angie and I are currently enjoying time here—we thought it would be fitting and also unique to make our posts about this place and all of the things that make it special.

We can’t really say if our posts will be about hometown family recipes, events, friendships or random diy stuff—but what we do know is we are dedicating the next few weeks to the place and people who are near and dear to our hearts!

With my girls, we’ve been busy already—seeing family, eating at our favorite restaurants, visiting the zoo, going to the lake, and swimming at the pool. It feels good to be home. My older girls really don’t remember living here, but it is heart-warming to see their excitement for this place. They love what I love. lakepool

Thankfully, when we visit home, it still feels like home. People change, friends move on, and streets look different— but there is something really unique and comforting about having “that feeling” of being back.  

My husband and I grew up here, dated here and were married here. We started our family here. We also experienced some of our worst moments as a couple here. This place isn’t a fairytale. It brings back the good, the bad, and the ugly. It gives me a bag full of mixed emotions. But this place has been good to me. Good to us. 

With the recent uncertainty of life, jobs, and where we are going next—I have a peace being here. I think the timing of it all has been pretty perfect. And since it’s Tuesday and I just heard about Emily P Freeman’s book Simply Tuesday– Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving WorldI’m pausing for a moment and seeing the beauty in the small things around me, here in my hometown. {Adding her book to my summer reading list and check out the #itssimplytuesday hashtag on Instagram!}

So here’s my Tuesday. In my roots. With these 3. At the zoo. And they absolutely l-o-v-e-d the “fish.”




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