Hometown Honey

This blog is one of the many exciting and unexpected things recently in our lives. If you would’ve asked us two years ago if we would be living in Georgia, a mile away from one another, sharing meals and raising our babies together…we both would’ve said “ no way…that’s crazy!”

But… we are!

Both of us are from the same hometown. We share the same roots. Roots that we love, cherish and miss every day, being away. Our memories are endless. Together, we played on the same soccer team. Went to dinner in the same homecoming group. We were in the same “circle.” We married boys on the high school football team…who happen to be the best of friends too. The strength and love for our hometown is deep. It makes us the friends we are today. We are thankful for our sweet and beautiful hometown.


High school prom–11 years ago with our then boyfriends, now husbands!

Honey is special. Google it and you’ll be amazed. It not only has a naturally sweet taste that we know and love, but it also has properties allowing it to never spoil. It withstands the test of time. Honey soothes, mends and preserves. It is considered “liquid gold.” It is said to provide health benefits for the whole body—treating allergies, fighting infections, healing wounds and burns, the list goes on…


We are hoping that the words in this blog are like honey. Giving you a taste of sweetness in the days ahead. That our words and stories give you a sense of comfort, hope, advice and even a few tidbits of fun.  Between the two of us we plan to share our victories and defeats. We are mommas, wives, daughters and sisters but most importantly we are children of the Creator, trying to grow closer to our heavenly father.

The bible says that our gracious and pleasant words are like honeycomb. Kind words heal our bones and sweeten or uplift our souls. (Proverbs 16:24)

Excuse our lack of grammar and pardon our less than professional photography.

This is our hometown honey blog. We can’t wait to share it with you!


Liz & Angie

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